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15840Re: [FH] Cat won't eat - help!

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  • Susan
    Mar 1 7:02 AM
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      The latest thinking on sodium restriction is that it
      is usually not advocated until the later stages of
      CHF. I realize your cat is 15 and I do not have all
      the information. Whenever a change in food is
      contemplated with a cat to a prescription diet,
      transitioning by mixing the two foods together will
      usually work better than an abrupt change because cats
      are creatures of habit.

      You say your cat was diagnosed with mitral valve
      trouble. Is he CRF or hyperT? Was an echo done and
      what if any meds have been prescribed? Is sodium
      restriction the only thing that was prescribed? Was
      your cat seen by either an Internal Medicine vet or a
      Cardiologist? They would have ACVIM in addition to
      the DVM in their title.

      In the meantime let him have some Fancy Feast.
      Anorexia begets anorexia in cats


      --- leeborgmeier <leeborgmeier@...> wrote:
      > I have a 15 year old male Persian cat who was
      > diagnosed
      > last week with mitral valve heart trouble. Prior to
      > the
      > diagnosis, he was eating his Fancy Feast catfood
      > fine.
      > Since the diagnosis, he is on a salt-free diet, and
      > now
      > refuses to eat almost anything. He doesn't like the
      > salt-free cat food, he doesn't like people hamburger
      > or
      > turkey hamburger.
      > Does anyone have any suggestions on salt-free food
      > that
      > he may eat? I really worried; he has eaten almost
      > nothing
      > in two days.
      > Please respond online or send email to:
      > Leroy8272@...
      > Thanks,
      > Lee
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