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15839Re: Cat won't eat - help!

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  • brinkett
    Mar 1, 2004
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      > I have a 15 year old male Persian cat who was diagnosed
      > last week with mitral valve heart trouble. Prior to the
      > diagnosis, he was eating his Fancy Feast catfood fine.
      > Since the diagnosis, he is on a salt-free diet, and now
      > refuses to eat almost anything.

      Is he on a salt-free diet at the recommendation of the vet? I don't
      know much about valve problems, but I know my cat's cardiologist and
      regular vet didn't emphasize putting her on a low salt diet (she has
      RCM and has been in CHF for 6 months). In fact, I asked about
      changing her food and they both said that it's not essential and
      it's more important that she eat. Perhaps you should give him his
      Fancy Feast back, but check with your vet first.

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