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158386 Month Checkup

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  • zanth_99
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Hi all,

      Please keep my girl Boo Kitty in your thoughts today. We go to her
      cardiologist today @ 2:15pm EST for her 6 month (horraayyy!)
      checkup. A few weeks ago I would have been quite sure that it was
      going to be a positive experience, however we lost her fur sibling
      who she has spent her entire life with just 2 weeks ago. She has
      been having a very emotionally tough time since then.

      With my hubby growling in the background (as he wants no more), I am
      also going to discuss the pros and cons of adopting an older cat for
      company for her. In all of her 12 years she has never been alone,
      Stinky had always been here for her....although I never realized how
      close they were, she most certainly misses her very deeply.

      Thanks so much!

      Sandy, Boo Kitty and Angel Stinky