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  • Linda Fischbach
    Jan 19, 2004
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      Mittens (also mild CRF) has been on Lasix since Jan 9th when 150ccs of fluid
      was drawn off his chest. He gets 1/4 of a 20mg tablet twice a day. I
      weigh him frequently, usually after he poops; I just weighed him (after a
      really big poop) and he has lost almost a pound since after the tap.

      But he's a big cat of 21 pounds. He is not on fluids and does not seem
      dehydrated; I syringe about 60-70 ml of diluted baby food a day in addition
      to his liquidy meals. He's acting fine.

      Of course the cardiologist office is close until tomorrow morning.

      Should I be concerned about the weight loss, or is a loss of 4-5% of weight
      normal after a cat starts Lasix? Would it make sense to skip the lasix


      Bill & Linda Fischbach (@home)
      King George, Virginia
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