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15216Re: new to group, questions about air travel

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  • turkishangoraathumanesociety
    Jan 3, 2004
      a Flight Attendant for 9 years, I can advise you with all my heart
      (and this goes for everyone who travels by air domestically &
      internationally)...Never EVER fly an animal, unless you bring it in a
      carrier INSIDE the cabin with you. I would strongly suggest a soft
      carrier bag, as all airplane's dimensions are different, reagrdless
      of what they list on their websites. Obviously, never sedate a cat
      for this, especially an HCM cat. I have learned WAY too much while I
      was a FA to EVER fly a pet in the cargo area. Good luck, I hope
      kitty will be okay...

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      > > Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 08:22:51 -0000
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      > > Subject: new to group, questions about air travel
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      > > Hi, I'm new. My husband and I moved to England last year. My
      > > were fine during their brief stay in quarentine, but a few months
      > > later during vaccine time, my cat Misa was found to have a heart
      > > murmur. It was diagnosed as HCM. Now we are moving back to
      > > in less than a month. Does anyone know if it's advisable for us
      > > fly her back? So far she's been almost asymptomatic, just
      > > labored breathing occasionally. She's on a heavy course of
      > > though, and I'm wondering if it's worse than the vet is letting
      > > I'm going to talk to the vet on Monday, but if anyone has some
      > > warning about what he might say, I'd appreciate it. God, I'd
      > > find her a new home than risk killing her.
      > >
      > > Karen
      > Hi Karen, I was in Japan with the same question two years ago. I'm
      so glad
      > that despite the risk I brought my baby home with me because he did
      > and I would've missed him so much I would've been in misery.
      Quaranteen was
      > bad enough. Now I think death will be the only thing that will
      separate us.
      > Certain airlines will let you take pets in the cabin with you if
      you have a
      > note from your vet regarding the animals sensitive condition...it
      is far too
      > risky to put her in the hold. Just follow the airlines instructions
      > getting a collapsible carrier that will fit under the seat. I put
      > absorbent diapers in the bottom of the carrier as a liner, tucked
      in a towel
      > with my scent around him, gave him a little bit of Rescue Remedy
      with a
      > dropper before we left the house and also had one of those heat in
      > microwave hot pouches that hold heat for two or three hours and put
      it in a
      > pillowcase he was used to sleeping on. He slept nearly the whole
      way (and it
      > was a very long flight!) Make sure you get a seat that has extra
      leg room (I
      > even decided to cash in my miles and fly first class so I'd have
      enough room
      > to move around in and because they cut first class passengers a
      little more
      > slack with special requests than they do regular passengers. )
      > It's up to you of course, but the risk (in my opinion) of your
      kitty missing
      > you enough after you've left England could even worsen his
      condition by
      > increasing his anxiety. I was afraid of my cats dying, but not of an
      > emotional broken heart <smile>
      > ::tori
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