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15200Morag is not doing well

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  • brinkett
    Jan 1, 2004
      Well, Morag has been on a larger dose of lasix for almost 4 days now
      and for the first time, she's not rallying. She seems depressed and
      uncomfortable - I'd say a little bit worse even than when we took
      her in on Monday. We have a recheck appointment tomorrow and I'm
      really worried about what they're going to find. I can think of
      three possibilities:

      1. the fluid isn't clearing (or worse, is building)
      2. her kidneys are really suffering
      3. something else

      What's concerning us is that we might be entering the "final
      stage". We've always known her heart is in bad shape and we've had
      her for four good quality months since diagnosis. I want to be as
      prepared as I can be for tomorrow's appointment in case things
      aren't looking good. Any words of wisdom from anyone?