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15199Re: Take Me Through an Echo, Please

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  • jen
    Jan 1, 2004
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      I was allowed to stay with Deagan when he was having his done.
      They did shave the hair off behind his front legs under his elbows,
      it took about 30 seconds for each side and he really hates the
      clippers too. He lay on a table with a cut out in the top and his
      chest was over the cut out. They used the wand (and gel) from the
      underside of the table and the whole procedure took about 1/2 hour.
      I held one end, his head and front legs for the first half and his
      back legs after we flipped him over. Deagan is *excellent* for the
      procedure, he doesn't move (much to my relief and stress level). It
      doesn't hurt at all, they just have to lie still on their side and
      have a thing rubbed against them while they get petted. Sedation is
      used only rarely from what I can gather.
      The echo is shown on the screen with the blood flow capnography
      at the bottom. They can measure wall thicknesses, outflow speeds and
      the amount of blood turbulence present, and examine the functionality
      of the valves. I completely agree with writing down all your
      questions before you go, I forgot to ask at least half of mine and
      came up with about 20 more after we left! Researching what all the
      terms and dimensions mean is really good as well - wall thicknesses,
      outflow tract speeds and resistances - something I wish I had done
      beforehand. Finally, request that a copy of the report be sent to
      you, and pull out the medical dictionary for interpretation!

      Good Luck!

      jen, deagan and kira the dog
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