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15186Re: Take Me Through an Echo, Please

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  • Tracey Tranen
    Jan 1, 2004
      It isn't necessary to shave a cat for an ultrasound. The other option
      is to really soak the cat's belly and chest down with alcohol. It works
      just as well. My vet shaves on procedures only when *absolutely*
      necessary, since he is used to dealing with show cats and dogs.
      (Talking not only about ultrasounds here!).

      Minty (my cat with VSD ) is no show cat, but alcohol was still used for
      his ultrasound when the specialist came in. There's no advantage to

      When PKD clinics are organized in different areas, there are no Persians
      shaved down, only alcohol is used. There, the ultrasound is for kidneys
      and there is aLOT of fur... the results are sound.

      I would ask about using alcohol for Lillie's ultrasound.


      Tracey Tranen (t2)
      Favoreats Freeze-Dried Pet Treats
      http://www.YourCreatureZHabit.com &
      Adorabir Birmans http://www.adorabir.com
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