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14923Re: [FH] How can I successfully administer a pill?

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2003
      Hi Laurie,

      In a message dated 12/1/03 11:39:10 AM, bermaguchi@... writes:

      << I'm new at this (see below), but I'm finding that my best bet is
      using the little hyperdermic thingy to squirt a solution into the
      cat's mouth >>

      You mean a syringe, right? But without the needle. A 3ml needleless syringe
      (or two) is a handy thing to have around.

      << The
      solution is supposed to be tuna-flavored, but he absolutely hates it >>

      That's certainly possible. A couple of things to consider are:

      1) If the solution was ready-made...and the pharmacy (or vet or whoever)
      simply added tuna flavoring to it...the flavor may not be able to mask the native
      taste of the meds

      2) Even if a compounder made it up from scratch, the native taste may be too
      strong to be overcome with a flavoring. Some compounders will also add other
      substances, besides the meat/fish flavor, to try to enhance taste (eg, stevia,
      a sweetner, to overcome bitterness)...altho that is tough to do for a cat.

      3) He doesn't like tuna...but maybe would like chicken or beef (eg).

      << Still, he's a 16-pound cat who absolutely
      refuses to open his mouth for anyone >>

      How many ml/cc do you give? If it's a small amt, you can try putting the tip
      of the syringe in the jowl pouch...which doesn't require opening the mouth per
      se. But you can only squirt in a small amt (like 0.5) at any one time,
      waiting for the cat to swallow in between.

      Also, are you talking with the cat, explaining what you're doing and why?
      Even if the conversation doesn't change the cat's behavior one iota, it will
      change your actions toward the cat, which ultimately changes the relationship
      between you.

      Another thing to think about for highly stressed cats is a flower essence.
      While Rescue Remedy (a blend of five essences) is the best known, there are 38
      single Bach's essences (and hundreds of others from other brands) that may be
      useful for your particular cat and situation. Simply "match" the action of the
      essence to the specifics of the cat's personality and situation. See
      www.bachflower.com...and click on "38 Essences" and "Pets." // Rosemary
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