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14921Re: [FH] How can I successfully administer a pill?

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  • Laurie Sekiguchi
    Dec 1, 2003
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      I'm new at this (see below), but I'm finding that my best bet is
      using the little hyperdermic thingy to squirt a solution into the
      cat's mouth and following that immediately with his favorite treat. I
      appreciate the helpful advice on the angle at which to squirt. The
      solution is supposed to be tuna-flavored, but he absolutely hates it,
      and it takes two of us. Still, he's a 16-pound cat who absolutely
      refuses to open his mouth for anyone, so it seems easier than
      pilling. For the tiny dose of aspirin, I pulverize it and mix it into
      his canned food in the morning.

      We only discovered the problem a week ago, when Simba (age 7) started
      panting. We called off our Thanksgiving travel plans, since he was
      touch-and-go for a while. But my parents aren't well, either, so we
      can't put off going indefinitely. Have people had good experiences
      with pet sitters in terms of administering medicine? What about the
      stress factor for the kitty? (I generally assume the cat is happier
      at home even if he's alone most of the time, but being administered
      medicine by a stranger sounds very stressful.)

      Laurie Sekiguchi
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