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14918Re: [FH] How can I successfully administer a pill?

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  • ACP
    Nov 30, 2003
      It is called a "Pill Popper".
      You have to make sure you get the pill back far enough in the mouth,
      so the cat won't spit it out. IMHO, they are wonderful and I've used
      them for the past 20 years.
      formemyself wrote:

      >Ivan my 13 yr old male takes 2 meds 2x daily. His Vet gave me this lil
      >plunger like device(sounds awful,its not) it reminds me of an olive
      >picker upper. You put the pill in the end thats rubberized and then
      >put in back of cats throat. Ive been doing this since June and he sees
      >it coming and just stays there until Im done. In 6 months he's only
      >popped out pills 2x :)
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