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14905Re: [FH] How can I successfully administer a pill?

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Nov 29, 2003
      Hi J + D,

      In a message dated 11/29/03 12:13:25 PM, metpecker@... writes:

      << My Max was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago, and our vet
      prescribed a 1/2 tablet to be given orally once a day.
      My hubby and I are having a real problem giving Max
      his pill....
      How are all of you
      administering medicine to your kitties? Any advice
      would be helpful at this point. >>

      This site outlines a useful, gentle technique (with photographs) for pilling
      a cat: www.marvistavet.com/html/pilling_a_cat.html.

      Another thing to consider is an approach that respects the cats autonomy and
      brings the cat into a partnership in his care. This can include talking with
      the cat...to let him know what you intend to do and then talking thru each
      step...and also asking for his cooperation, thanking him for letting you do what's
      needed to keep him healthy, and asking forgiveness for any mistakes. If
      someone grabbed you, wrapped you in a blanket, and tried to shove a pill down your
      throat without letting you know, you might balk, too.

      After giving a pill, it's important to chase it with food. For a study about
      esophageal transit in cats, see:

      "Esophageal transit of capsules in clinically normal cats" from American
      Journal of Veterinary Research, June 2000; Vol. 61, No. 6, pp655-57


      If, after a fair trail, it proves impossible to pill the cat, most
      medications can be made into either a flavored solution that a cat can lick up or that
      can be syringed (which requires another technique to avoid aspiration)...or
      into a flavored chewable treat. Flavored solutions can be made by a compounding
      pharmacist, who make up the med from scratch (as opposed to putting a flavoring
      into a premade suspension). For compounders, look in the phone book or see
      www.iacprx.org. BCP Veterinary Pharmacy in Houston is one compounder that makes
      chewable treats. See www.bcpvetpharm.com. // Rosemary
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