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1461Re: [feline-heart] Re: Lucky's cardiologist visit

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  • Laura Penny
    Jan 18, 2001
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      Lucky isn't taking aspirin. My cardiologist doesn't think it makes any
      difference. Her atrium is not enlarged, so he doesn't think she's at high
      risk for clots.

      Her IBD is really bad right now. Her stomach is gurgling and she threw up
      and had diarrhea all over today. I'm going to see what the bloodwork shows
      when I talk to the doc later today. In the meantime, I joined the IBD list.
      (Hey, gotta keep my inbox overflowing!)

      Jeanne, thanks for your note.


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      From: Jeanne Warner <jwarner310@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 4:32 PM
      Subject: [feline-heart] Re: Lucky's cardiologist visit

      >I am sorry to hear that Lucky doesn't seem to be feeling well. It
      >appears that the cats daily activities is a big measuring stick as to
      >how they are feeling. I hope the additional tests will be helpful in
      >figuring out what is the problem.
      >At least the ultrasound went ok and you don't think it is the heart.
      >You mentioned that Lucky is sluggish and vomiting? Is the vomiting an
      >ongoing every day thing? Or just every now and then. Dom will be fine
      >for 3 weeks and then will have a vomiting problem 1 time a day for
      >maybe 3 days and then is fine again. Just thought maybe we can
      >compare. Is Lucky taking baby aspirin? We already had stopped those
      >for Dom. But, we so no regularity with the vomiting except that it is
      >in the morning when I give him either some wet food or baby food with
      >the formulated drugs in them. We do give him a small amount of dry
      >food about 1/2 hour before the drug mixture but it doesn't seem to
      >have any effect on him.
      >I will watch for your post tomorrow.
      >Jeanne & Dom
      >--- In feline-heart@egroups.com, "Laura Penny" <lepenny@e...> wrote:
      >> Not much news to report. He believes that she's not feeling well
      >> and vomiting), but he doesn't think the problem is her heart. Her
      >heart rate
      >> was 180, her murmur was a 2, her rhythm was normal, and her BP was
      >> Two possibilities are that her dental disease are causing her pain
      >and that
      >> her IBD is acting up. He is very leery of having her teeth cleaned.
      >It was
      >> back in August that we did presurgical bloodwork and found her
      >> which is now gone. We've been putting it off all this time because
      >> problem after another keeps cropping up.
      >> He did bloodwork and a urinalysis. I'll get results tomorrow and
      >post then.
      >> Laura
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