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14591Re: [FH] frontline and other questions

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  • Susan
    Nov 5, 2003
      --- rdcarmichael_99 <rdcarmichael_99@...> wrote:
      > My second question is whether or not anyone uses
      > frontline or
      > something like that while the cat is on meds?

      I have no idea exactly what happened but Rudy's second
      monthly dose of Revolution caused extreme agitation
      for at least a half hour. I have not used any flea
      meds on him since. He does not have flea allergies and
      must not be infested as he only scratches

      > need to do something
      > about his fleas and a bath is out of the question
      > (way too
      > stressful).

      Sprinkle flea powder on a towel and wrap him in it. Or
      "paint" him with liquid flea stuff.

      My vet says that it shouldn't interact
      > with the
      > medications (asprin and diltiazem).

      I don't think it (Revolution) interacted as much as I
      think it either stung his skin or the smell of the
      chemical made him go ballistic trying to get away from
      it. I have noticed cats know what the flea meds smell
      like when you open the applicator and they do not like
      it. So much for being stress free.


      Rudy: Male DSH brown tabby, feral mom, diagnosed 09-2002 at 19 months of age with idiopathic HCM: grade 2 murmur, hyperkinetic heart, borderline normal thickening, considered asymptomatic, 12.5 mg Atenolol 1x day, 1/2 baby aspirin 2x week administered via pilling

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