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14561Re: [CRF] Re: [FH] Putney needs prayers

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  • Jim Hayes
    Oct 31 7:44 PM
      Hi, Debra...

      I'm glad Putney's home, sorry he's got you so worried.

      I'd go ahead and use the lasix if you think it's warranted.
      The folks at the ER don't know his case or condition, can't
      see him... so of course they're going to be conservative in
      suggesting anything for you to do ... they'd be more
      comfortable doing it themselves, of course!

      Pedialyte sounds ok to me too.

      At least he's able to get up and walk, and lie on his side.
      And his kidney numbers are down.

      Please don't worry about saying goodbye tonight, or
      tomorrow. Being/seeming miserable is recoverable. Not every
      sick kitty jumps for joy the first step into the house after
      a harrowing hospital experience! Just keep him quiet, love
      him, and treat him in the best way you know how.

      Love and peace from us all,

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