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1448Lucky's cardiologist visit

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  • Laura Penny
    Jan 17, 2001
      Not much news to report. He believes that she's not feeling well (sluggish
      and vomiting), but he doesn't think the problem is her heart. Her heart rate
      was 180, her murmur was a 2, her rhythm was normal, and her BP was 170/90.

      Two possibilities are that her dental disease are causing her pain and that
      her IBD is acting up. He is very leery of having her teeth cleaned. It was
      back in August that we did presurgical bloodwork and found her diabetes,
      which is now gone. We've been putting it off all this time because one
      problem after another keeps cropping up.

      He did bloodwork and a urinalysis. I'll get results tomorrow and post then.

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