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  • Mary E. Todd
    Oct 20, 2003

      I have been lurking on this list for a while and thought it time to
      do an intro. Our cat Krisper is 13 years old and was diagnosed with
      CHF last spring. He also had megacolon about a year ago and we have
      to treat him for chronic constipation. He is currently about 15 lbs
      and on Wellness dry and canned (we add lactulose to it for the
      constipation). His drug schedule is as follows: 2x a day: 1 lasix and
      1 enalapril tab. 1x a day: stool softener, cisapride, potassium
      supplement. Every other day he gets 1/4 tab of digoxin (this is new
      for the last month), and twice a week he takes 1/4 baby aspirin.
      Luckily, he is the mellowest Buddha cat and tolerates the pilling
      with very few problems -- and looks forward to his treats afterward.

      Last Tuesday, in the space of about 15 minutes, Krisper had diarrhea
      on the floor in the study. A few minutes later, as I was cleaning it
      up, we heard an unnatural yowl and ran into the living room where he
      had vomited up his dinner. Within minutes, he was settled down again,
      and has been fine since. We took him to the vet (my first thought was
      possible digoxin toxicity – but the blood test came back fine). The
      vet thinks it was probably an angina attack. Has anyone else's cat
      experienced this? The vet said, unfortunately there is nothing more
      we can do, except get him to oxygen if it were to occur again.

      Thanks; I have already learned a lot from looking at the archives.

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