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14329Alternatives to Atenolol?

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  • pugsleykall
    Sep 30, 2003
      My cat has been taking 6.25 mg of Atenolol for 2 weeks, and is doing
      horribly on it. I feel like I'm giving him chemo for how sick it
      makes him. Prior to being diagnosed with HCM, his symptoms were
      continuing weight loss and poor appetite. The drug completely cuts
      out his appetite, he has lost another pound, down to 8 pounds, from
      12, and even though the cardiologist told me I could cut the medicine
      to every other day if it affected his appetite, it's taking longer
      than 2 days for him to start eating again.

      Does this sound "normal" to you? For the past day, he's holding his
      body very rigid, not purring, and almost in a catatonic state. Won't
      eat, drink, anything.

      Should I approach my vet about some other drug, or should we plod
      ahead on this one? I feel like he's better off without it, come what
      may. It's unbearable to see him this sick.

      Thanks for any advice.
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