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14183Re: congestive heart failure w/hyperthyroidism

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  • zanth_99
    Sep 5, 2003
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      Hi Jen & Urchin,

      My cat, Boo Kitty just had CHF the beginning of August. We were
      very fortunate that it only took 1 visit to the vet to diagnose, and
      although she too was in the hospital on IV for dehydration, they
      started her on meds to start clearing out the lungs. Gosh, it must
      have been the entire 1st week I was a wreck (I still am from time to
      time). Our Vet's recurring chant with us was "get her to eat". I
      don't care what you give her...just get her to eat! I'm not going
      to lie, it was tough, she would eat about 1/2 teaspoon full on her
      own, then walk away and sleep. She wanted little to nothing to do
      with me. I went out and bought probably 12 different flavors of
      food, and when I found one that she liked I went out and got lots
      more of that one. She started becoming more like herself, the
      better she was eating, the better she began to feel. She still
      doesn't eat much at one time, I think maybe her little stomach
      shrunk (I wish mine would), but she now has no hesitation about
      finding me and telling me she's hungry...especially, it seems
      lately, at 4 am.

      I have to echo Sarah's remarks, has she been to a cardiologist? If
      she hasn't and you need to find one, there is a list of them in the
      Links section. The thing that convinced me about taking Boo to the
      cardio is the realization that HCM & CHF are what they deal with
      everyday...they are in the forefront of cutting edge technology and
      new meds just for our babies with heart problems. They see it
      everyday, and know precisly what to look for and what to tell us as
      parents to look for.

      Good luck Jen & Urchin...keep in touch

      Sandy & Boo Kitty
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