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14182RE: [FH] congestive heart failure w/hyperthyroidism

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  • Pam Vojtas
    Sep 5, 2003
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      Hi Jen,

      Hope Urchin is on the road to recovery - proper diagnosis of heart issues is a big part of the battle. Has Urchin seen a cardiologist? It may take a little time for the meds to do their thing and/or to adjust the dosages for the right combo. My Maggie's CHF/RCM was well under control after an initial adjustment period (she also had CRF). I'd be *very* watchful about sub-qs for a kitty with CHF, as you've already said, fluids can build up in or around the lungs.

      As for his eating problem, I heartily recommend this web site (created by a fellow member of the Feline Assisted Feeding group) - it is just full of ideas and information:


      Sending good wishes to you and URchin,

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      Subject: [FH] congestive heart failure w/hyperthyroidism

      Hi--I'm new. My name is Jen and I have a 16 yr old shorthair kitty
      named Urchin. He's been diagnosed for almost a year with
      hyperthyroidism and about a week ago he stopped eating and became very
      lethargic. After several trips to emergency vets and my own vet we
      discovered that he has congestive heart failure due to the
      hyperthyroid. We are treating with Lasix and atenolol and I'm giving
      him saline subcutaneously at home. He was dehydrated as well and the
      IV drip that they did at the emergency vet's overloaded his lungs.
      We're still trying to ease his breathing.

      Basically I wondered if anyone could give me suggestions or support,
      particularly concerning his eating and lethargy. He will eat A/d if
      syringe fed but won't eat on his own, and I'm not sure that he's
      drinking at all except when I give it to him via syringe. Also, he's
      terribly lethargic and won't do much except change where he's lying
      down--goes to the other bedroom, living rm, litter box, back to my
      bedrm. Does anyone know if he could regain energy after this kind of
      crisis? Do cats that stop eating restart spontaneously, or will I
      have to syringe feed him permanently? I guess I would just like to
      hear from anyone who's coped with CHF.

      Thanks for the list--I was so relieved to find it and read other
      posts. Treating my kitty by myself is so scary and I want to be
      optimistic, but it's difficult when he's so sick. Thanks for any help
      or advice.

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