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14163Re: Morag back at vet with rapid breathing

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  • brinkett
    Sep 2, 2003
      Hi Sandy,

      I wasn't on the list when you first joined with Boo. When you say
      hotspots, do you mean bald patches?

      I took Morag to the vet today and an X-ray shows that her lungs are
      pretty clear. She is to stay on 5mg lasix/day for a week and then
      we'll X-ray her again to see if they're still clear.

      The vet is also going to try to get a faster appointment with the
      cardiologist at the veterinary hospital.

      Morag is fine today but she was much more agitated at the vet than
      she usually is and threw up at the vet's office and when we got
      home. I think she's sick of the vet right now.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "zanth_99"
      <sandra_scanlon@h...> wrote:
      > Sarah,
      > Thanks for asking about Boo Kitty, she's acting like herself
      > I just wish that she would get her appetite back to 100%, she's
      > eating, but several small meals a day. Her hotspots are also
      > back, but since this is where it all started with her, I'm going
      > leave them be for the Cardio to look at. Her vet seems to think
      > they may be stemming from food allergy, for many years she's eaten
      > chicken based food, I am switching her to mainly seafood, to see
      > that helps, and also because seafood is supposed to be heart
      > I didn't know that Lasix is hard on Kittys, I will also ask the
      > cardiologist about that too.
      > Sarah, I don't have any answers for you, if anything just more
      > questions for myself. Please just know that I have you and Morag
      > my thoughts, and keep in touch.
      > Sandy
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