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13993Hi Ho Hi Ho ... or not!

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  • Catherine Browning
    Aug 1, 2003
      Hi everyone!

      Looks like Thursday just wasn't meant-to-be. Earlier in the week we had storms which saw the guttering overflow into the kitchen and living room (and the tv/vcr!) requiring wheelie bins to collect all the water. The cats were already recovering from that stress when I had to starve them Thursday morning in anticipation of a 1 hour car trip and the ultrasounds.

      So come Thursday morning I starved the cats, got their carriers ready, went outside to prepare the car ... and the tyre was flat!

      Called the vet and begged for a postponement which I got (Yay!) to Thursday 14/8 (that's 8/14 for those in the US) then fed the cats (who were ecstatic!), got the tyre changed then went out and bought new tyres.

      Thank heavens the ultrasound will be free cos the cars been costing a fortune lately!

      Anyway, just wanted to let you all know how it went, or rather didn't go :-)