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1362Re: [feline-heart] ne woods - Chyle definition

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  • Anyes Moscrip
    Jan 5, 2001
      sciani@... wrote:

      > Whiskers has been accumulating chyle in the pleura around his lungs.
      > Since Thanksgiving, he's had a total of over one liter of chyle
      > tapped from his chest.

      Is Whiskers getting Rutin? There is some info on this on the VIN
      board. It is a diuretic which is supposed to help with Chylous
      effusions. Lucie was to start using it but she died the next day so I
      don't have personal experience to contribute. However, I know others
      have had good results with it.

      Anyes, angel Lucie, Georgina and Angelica
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