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13416[FH] Re: Bacterial contamination & Parasites was raw organ meats

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  • bcowell
    Jul 3, 2003
      Hi Susan,
      I'll try the baby clams. I am thinking that little Karamu will love
      them as she loves most food forms, but Bobo hasn't liked any fishy
      things I've tried so he'll most likely not be interested. He's so
      finicky and of course he's my heart kitty (mitral valve dysplasia).
      Red Tide is an algal profusion isn't it? Can't see that that would be
      bad, but I would want to do a search on it... I'll try to today. I
      can't spend too much time at the computer...I fell down the stairs a
      couple days ago and can't really sit down still.
      Marinating in lemon juice would probably do a lot to kill most
      bacteria. I think some can survive, after all food-borne pathogens
      survive going through the stomach before causing trouble in your
      intestines. For example, the bacteria that causes dysentery is
      resistant to stomach acid, while the more common Salmonella and
      Vibrio (seafood) are susceptible. So it most likely would be good,
      but you would then have to see if your cat was interested in lemon-
      flavored meat!
      As to PubMed, I used to have access when I was working at the
      university, and for a bit after I quit (I started questioning what I
      was doing with my life). The university changed its system and the
      passwords changed. I've been trying to get my ex-mentor to get me new
      ID, but she's not so computer savvy so I think I will have to go
      visit her to see if it can be worked out. Sorry I can't be of help
      with that right now :(

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Susan <somnamblst@y...> wrote:
      > --- bcowell <bcowell@y...> wrote:
      > > I asked both my vet and vet cardiologist about the
      > > feeding of hearts
      > > and gizzards and they were only positive. I did not
      > > want to feed
      > > these meats to my cats before I checked, but hearts
      > > had been
      > > recommended for taurine and gizzards for teeth
      > > cleaning.
      > You may want to try baby clams for taurine (really
      > high) and they are quite chewy so I imagine they are
      > good for teeth. The iodine content is comparable to
      > chicken. Could Red Tide affect canned baby clams that
      > you know of?
      > > All meat we buy has an issue of bacterial
      > > contamination, especially
      > > chicken.
      > I am going to try beef heart. Rudy doesn't like any
      > chicken.
      > But it is important to remember that the
      > > same bacteria that
      > > give us gastrointestinal disease from eating
      > > contaminated foods are
      > > not the same ones that affect our cats and dogs.
      > I personally would worry most about feeding raw in the
      > context of the members of this list to any cats who
      > are suffering from cardiac cachexia since it does have
      > an effect on immune system function.
      > Some seafood recipes call for marinating in lemon
      > juice as that precooks the seafood. I wonder if this
      > could be a way to feed raw without baterial worry,
      > afterall it is the heat that distroys vitamins.
      > Do you have access to the full text articles that
      > PubMed lists abstracts for?
      > Susan
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