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13389Re: Bacterial contamination & Parasites was raw organ meats

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  • Shirley G.
    Jul 2, 2003
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      ---Organ meats is very high in cholesterol if that is dangerous to
      the HCM cat please tell me because my vet is on vacation. I cannot
      eat organ meat and I love chicken livers and beef liver but it is bad
      for my cholesterol and heart so it is not

      In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Susan <somnamblst@y...> wrote:
      > --- bcowell <bcowell@y...> wrote:
      > >> I'd rather they ate cooked meat, but instead I am
      > > just extremely
      > > careful with the fresh meat. I'm a microbiologist
      > > and quite paranoid
      > > about bacteria!
      > > Brigitte
      > Brigitte,
      > I asked the question regarding raw organ meats on the
      > vetlearn.com bulletin board and they brought up both
      > bacterial contamination and parasites. I mentioned I
      > had the OK from IM vet to feed raw baby clams and a
      > vet said he was not aware of any parasites in clams
      > but wasn't sure. I know I read somewhere once that
      > organ meats contain concentrated amounts of anything
      > bad the animal may have consumed or been exposed to
      > and of course organ meats are sinfully high in
      > cholesteral. ALSO it took an anthropologist to
      > discover the brain wasting disease Kuru in New
      > Guineau was transmitted because elderly females were
      > practicing cannibalism of brain tissue. I keep
      > thinking that the issue of organ meats is more complex
      > than it may seem on the surface.
      > Susan
      > Susan
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      > Rudy: Male DSH brown tabby, feral mom, diagnosed 09-2002 at 19
      months of age with idiopathic HCM: grade 2 murmur, hyperkinetic
      heart, borderline normal thickening, considered asymptomatic, 12.5 mg
      Atenolol 1x day, 1/2 baby aspirin 2x week administered via pilling
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