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13367raw organ meats was Vet articles regarding cardiac nutrition and Fox study

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  • Susan
    Jul 1, 2003
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      --- Debbie Raikes-May
      <debbie.raikesmay@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I have always fed both my cats a little raw, fresh
      > and finely chopped liver and kidney a week. I use
      > calves liver in preference to pig or lambs as there
      > are organically reared cattle here and use lambs
      > kidney as it is softer in texture for old cat teeth.
      > Both cats adore it and it is best mixed with a
      > little COOKED brown rice.
      > Debbie

      Thanks Debbie,

      The reason I wondered is because I have never known a
      cat to show any interest in chicken innards. Do you
      freeze the leftover portions of the organ meats?


      Rudy: Male DSH brown tabby, feral mom, diagnosed 09-2002 at 19 months of age with idiopathic HCM: grade 2 murmur, hyperkinetic heart, borderline normal thickening, considered asymptomatic, 12.5 mg Atenolol 1x day, 1/2 baby aspirin 2x week administered via pilling

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