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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    May 2, 2003
      Dear Marja
      I can only speak for myself but I am sure others will be saying the same thing.
      I am APPALLED at the treatment you and Suterini have received...it is inexcusable. These people are meant to help not hurt an animal further. And it sounds to me as if they are all covering up for each other.

      Never, never go back there again. Tell all your friends, colleagues etc of your experiences. Keep it factual as you do not want to be in danger of slander/libel but spread the word.

      There are two things
      Firstly her care now - and it sounds as if the new vet is more competent
      Secondly, an explanation of what happened from the vets. I strongly suggest you go and see a solicitor (ask colleagues who they recommend) and explain what has happened. Ask him/her to draft a letter to the vet who is in charge of the practice, requesting a written explanation of why your cat emerged from their care with burns of this magnitude. Make it plain you need a reply inside a deadline (say a week) and that if one is not forthcoming you will be taking further action for non co operation. Copy this letter to the Governing Body of Vets (which your Solicitor can find) I know the legal system in the Netherlands is similar to the UK in that you can have an initial meeting with a solicitor and a letter sent for a payment of about £25. Any future fees can then be decided if you want to take further action.

      Once you have this reply from them you can decide what to do. If they are being dismissive or not taking responsibility, you may choose to pursue it because of other cats. At the very least I think you should get your fees back plus the money you have had to spend getting her treated to get over their errors and negligence.
      Your solicitor may take the case on on a no win no fee basis because you should think too about the cost to you in emotional terms...hard to out a figure on but you are a working woman who has needed to take time away from her job etc etc all that carries a £££ penalty.

      Normally I am peace loving and anti litigation. But this makes my blood boil for the poor cat who can't even walk now without it hurting. And what distress to you it has caused.

      Now, for Suterini...aloe vera gel is very good for burns and if she licks it off that can only benefit her insides too. There are dressings available from chemists which are moist gel backed and this may be an option too as the cracking is where the dead skin is sloughing away. It needs to be kept moist and clean so fresh skin underneath can grow.
      Finally, I think the CRF thing is a con. I have never heard of a cat having crusts as a result of its condition! This is a massive cover up.

      Your english is great, don;t give it a thought, We are so sorry for all this.
      Please go and take steps against this dreadful shower of incompetents.

      I would be happy to help you word a letter if you want to send it yourself, email me privately and I will give my phone number.
      Best wishes and love to Suterini

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      From: Marja van Die
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 8:35 AM
      Subject: Re: [FH] signs of ' the end ' being near....

      Hi Debbie,Chris and Diane and everyone reading. Following is the reply I received on my question a few months back, I was so shocked. It's in proper english, so think you will understand it better then my crummy english ;-) <<<<First, check with your regular vet to see if they had used heating
      pads during and after surgery. This is a very common practice to
      keep the kitty warm during and after anesthesia. When cats are
      sedated they must rely on a human to rotate their little bodies.
      When they are not, they are in one position for a long time. This
      can cause a burn to occur. This is often not noticed until the burn
      starts to surface in a scabby like presence (healing) and hair starts
      to fall off. The cat is on it's back for an OHE (ovariohysterectomy).
      Since the body temperature decreases during anesthesia, heating pads
      are used. As a licensed vet tech with a specialist in veterinary
      dermatology, this is seen more often than most people think. It
      often goes unnoticed until a few weeks after surgery. Oral cortisone
      is the treatment of choice until the areas have healed. Hairloss may
      be permanent as the hair follicles are damaged.

      Another form of crusting/scabiness on a cats skin can be an
      Autoimmune disease called Pemphigus Foliaceous. There is not reason
      as to why some cats get this and others don't. It is uncommon, but
      it is often traced back to a very stressful situation. It is not a
      curable or life threatenting disease, but requires lifelong cortisone.
      THis is diagnosed via a biopsy. But first and foremost, I would
      check with your vet about the use of heating pads and start there.
      Often times when it is a burn, antibiotics are necessary to fight of
      any infection that has occured. >>>>>> It sounded and still sounds very likely this happened to Suteruni, I discovered the crusts a few weeks after the operation. I made an appointment with a vet without Sut because I didnt want to stress her, she had been through so much. There are many vets working at the place I go now so you don't always know which vet you will see. At the time ofcause I had no clue where the crusts came from and asked the vet if it could be from her kidneys, as she is a CRF cat too. This vet confirmed it would be ( without seeing Suteruni ). The next days I did an online search for crusts or any kind of skin problems being symptoms for CRF cats and I couldnt find a thing. That is why I asked in the CRF catsupport forum. Sut's heath has been going downhill fast since the operation. The next time I visited the vet was because she seemed to be going crazy, was behaving real strange. This vet said ( another vet I had not seen before )she was in big pains because of the crusts. When I asked him what it was he said he did not know at all. He said the skin underneath the crusts would heal and the crusts will fall off. The 3rd time, yet another vet I visited, this time because her belly was swollen up with fluids, said it was a skin infection which sometimes happens due to scratches from other cats or injections. She sounded very sure of herself this was the reason. The last time , again another vet I visited for her increasing heart problems saw the crusts and said : Oh my god, what is that???? The reason I didnt confront the vets is that I had just changed vets after wasting a year with a vet in my home town. She was on medicine for heart rythm problems but I felt something els was terribly wrong with her but they kept saying she was ok, she looked very well for her age . Looking back they should have tested her blood and should have looked further much sooner and I should have pushed them to do so but I thought, them being the vets, they would know best <shrug> I feel so bad about this now, this is were I let my own cat down :( After several things that irritated me I decided to take Suteruni to another vet, in another town for a 2nd opinion. From then on all went fast, they made an echo and saw she needed a ovariohysterectomy badly, it was about to burst, so I had really no other choice then to have her operated at 17 years of age, which is risky. She made it though, I was so relieved!!Ofcause I am not 100% sure she has burnwounds but it still seems so likely to me and I find the reactions of the 4 different vets weird. I do feel like they are covering up. I would have rather heard them admitting it, people make mistakes all the time with any job, its only human. It's just real sad this happened to my baby, I feel like I have let her down so much. All the time I wanted the best for her, instead I think I made it worse. I have lost a lot of faith in vets. Not only because of these possible burn wounds but other things too. Like the first ones I had for a year, I cant help but feel they didnt want to do much for an old cat. And a few weeks back when Suteruni seemed in pain and I rushed to the vets on a sunday and they gave her an injection and arriving home she was vomitting , had foam coming out of her mouth and slimy strings and she was very scared. I phoned the vet thinking she was dieing and she said it was a reaction to the injection, that some animals have this reaction and it would pass. It did pass but it took hours before she was back to normal again. I think she had an allergic reaction, but why did the vet just not say so?
      I can see Suteruni does not have long to live and do not want to put her through too much stress. The crusts are real hard now, I have to be carefull in stroking her, sometimes I hear it crack when she walks. It itches too, I see her scratching more now. She was pretty ok for about 2 weeks, sometimes her belly seemed to swell again but the next day it would be gone. The last 2 days however it is huge again, so I am giving her medicine to pee. Excuse my poor english. She is eating less again but still is hungry and asks for food, just doesnt eat that much. The belly is making her feel very uncomfortable, its hard for her to moove around.Her heart is giving up on her :-( I also have posted in dutch forums every now and then and the last time there were people saying I should have her put to sleep. This is very hurtfull, I honestly would not let her suffer needlessly or because I cant let her go but I do want to give her every chance in the world. After all we went through I am very tired, I have a fulltime job too and finding it hard to cope. There have been so many times I was at work and really wanted to be at home to keep an eye on Sut. After this is all over I will be devoted in finding another vet whom I can trust because I have 3 other cats, they all are 10 years old now. I have learned a lot in the past 1 1/2 years, what happened to Suteruni will not happen to my other cats. As soon as one of them has health problems I will insist on bloodtests as a start. Thanks for listening and give your kitty's a big hug from me, they are lucky to have such devoted caretakers :-) Marja/Suteruni

      diane <diane@...> wrote:How has she been doing?


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