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  • carol dunning
    Apr 10, 2000
      Hi Everyone,

      My cat's name is Baby and we are on the CRF list also. He's 15 and was
      diagnosed in January with beginning CRF. He has always had a heart murmur
      and we just had a ECHO and an EKG done to see what we could do about heart

      He was just diagnosed with Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy and is being put on
      Atenolol. He had his BP checked and it was normal at 150. We're giving him
      sub q fluids of 150 ml 3x week and he has absorbed all of this through his
      kidney's so far. We're monitoring this closely.

      Just thought I would introduce myself and if anyone has any experience with
      Atenolol I would love to hear about it. Thanks for being here.


      Carol and Baby
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