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  • Debra Yarrington
    Apr 29, 2003
      Hey Dana, Tigger's getting fluids and lasix. We've been doing this
      since October now.
      I don't know what to tell you. We have good weeks and bad weeks (right
      now we're
      due for a good week - he still isn't completely up to snuff since having
      a stomach bug
      a week ago). He's never been as energetic as he was before the
      congestive heart failure -
      I don't know whether he feels tired because of all the heart meds he's
      on, or because
      his heart isn't working properly - but overall I think he's a pretty
      happy kitty.

      Since he's been on lasix, I haven't noticed he's drinking *more*, but
      he's always been
      a drinker, and has drank (drunk?) well since his crf diagnosis. My vet
      had told me that
      I would know the lasix took effect when I noticed him drinking more, but
      in Tigger's
      case that wasn't so. Tigger gets 50ml fluids every other day, and I try
      to add pedialyte
      to his water, but I worry about it going bad, so mostly he's just
      drinking plain water.
      He gets 1/2 12.5 mg lasix 2x a day. I've gone up when he coughs, and
      right now I've
      increased fluids to 2 days on - one day off until he seems a bit perkier
      (and I'm watching
      his breathing like a hawk).

      It's hard to say specifically, but I'd say that it took Tigger about 2
      weeks to adjust to
      his heart meds, including the lasix. I don't know whether that was a
      direct effect of
      the lasix or one of the other heart meds or just the overall change in

      Hang in there Dana. Welcome to the wonderful world of juggling 2
      diseases with
      polar opposite treatments :-}
      -Debra & Tigger
      & Putney, Simon, Spenser, and Cali

      Dana Rulf (merlynsmama) wrote:

      > > Tell us more about your kitty and what types of issues she has.
      > Merlyn (15 1/2) was diagnosed (by a cardiologist) with HCM back in
      > January. He was put on Atenelol, and that did the trick right away.
      > Heartrate has been super ever since (I check with stethescope every
      > few days). He was diagnosed with CRF at about the same time. Wasn't
      > a problem until last week when he was in for bloodwork check, and we
      > decided to do a chest x-ray to see if his heart enlargement was
      > stopped/reversed. It was, but fluid was evident around his heart and
      > lungs. Not a lot, our vet said, but it was there. He consulted with
      > our cardiologist, and it was decided to put him on as small a dose of
      > Lasix as possible, but still do it's job. We have cut Merlyn's sub-q
      > fluids from 125ml every other day to 50ml every day. So now we are
      > walking the fine line between keeping his kidneys working without
      > overtaxing his heart (and vice versa).
      > Since he began taking Lasix (Saturday), he has been drinking more, but
      > his coat is definitely drying out. Saturday night, he seemed very
      > perky -- this just after a dose of Lasix. He was very, very lethargic
      > on Sunday, though, and Monday he just seemed very down. Today he was
      > better, so I'm wondering if his system needed time to adjust to the
      > Lasix? He's still dehydrated, but I know after his recheck on Friday
      > (new chest x-ray to be sure the Lasix is doing its job) we can
      > re-evaluate fluids and such.
      > I'd really like to hear what others have experienced with Lasix, and
      > especially if they have an HCM/CRF kitty -- how do you manage
      > fluids/Lasix dosing.
      > thanks so much for your feedback --
      > Dana
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