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  • Dana Rulf (merlynsmama)
    Apr 29, 2003
      > Tell us more about your kitty and what types of issues she has.

      Merlyn (15 1/2) was diagnosed (by a cardiologist) with HCM back in
      January. He was put on Atenelol, and that did the trick right away.
      Heartrate has been super ever since (I check with stethescope every
      few days). He was diagnosed with CRF at about the same time. Wasn't
      a problem until last week when he was in for bloodwork check, and we
      decided to do a chest x-ray to see if his heart enlargement was
      stopped/reversed. It was, but fluid was evident around his heart and
      lungs. Not a lot, our vet said, but it was there. He consulted with
      our cardiologist, and it was decided to put him on as small a dose of
      Lasix as possible, but still do it's job. We have cut Merlyn's sub-q
      fluids from 125ml every other day to 50ml every day. So now we are
      walking the fine line between keeping his kidneys working without
      overtaxing his heart (and vice versa).

      Since he began taking Lasix (Saturday), he has been drinking more, but
      his coat is definitely drying out. Saturday night, he seemed very
      perky -- this just after a dose of Lasix. He was very, very lethargic
      on Sunday, though, and Monday he just seemed very down. Today he was
      better, so I'm wondering if his system needed time to adjust to the
      Lasix? He's still dehydrated, but I know after his recheck on Friday
      (new chest x-ray to be sure the Lasix is doing its job) we can
      re-evaluate fluids and such.

      I'd really like to hear what others have experienced with Lasix, and
      especially if they have an HCM/CRF kitty -- how do you manage
      fluids/Lasix dosing.

      thanks so much for your feedback --
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