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1089Re: Oliver again

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  • catwoman1@iprimus.com.au
    Dec 9, 2000
      Hi Jill,
      I am so sorry Oliver is not doing well at the moment. It feels as if you may be looking too far ahead. Believe me I know, I do this a lot, and I try to say "stop" and focus on the present moment. If it is not possible for your husband to care for Oliver, would it be feasible to have Oliver stay over at the vet's where he could be monitored and cared for while you are away?
      I know you must feel very afraid with all that is happening. When I am afraid I start projecting into the future and thinking of all the things that could go wrong and trying to plan for these things. Recently, I learnt a strong lesson. I cannot assume anything. My Sachie was the fittest and healthiest looking fifteen year old cat anyone could imagine. I thought I would have her for many years. But tragically, and suddenly she took ill and passed within eight weeks from lymphosarcoma on the kidneys. Jill, we cannot know what will happen. Oliver may spark up and remain well for a long time. I am sorry I am not up to date with Oliver's condition, so that may be stupid advice for you, but what I am saying is anything could happen and it may not be the way you think it will.
      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.

      --- In feline-heart@egroups.com, "J. Z." <filmgeek55@h...> wrote:
      > It's now three days since Ollie's eaten anything significant. He has
      > vomited bile twice today (Melinda, this is the yowling projectile stuff).
      > He's so thin, his legs are wobbling. I fear his digestive system is
      > shutting down.
      > A decision has to be made by Wednesday, because I have to go up and see my
      > dying stepdad next weekend. I am starting a new job on the 19th and can't
      > take time off then to reschedule the trip.
      > Help!
      > Jill
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