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1057Re: Pepcid AC?

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  • Melinda Bruno
    Nov 30, 2000
      Jill wrote:

      > It seems to me that I've read of people giving Pepcid AC to
      >their cats.
      > Anyone know anything about this?

      Yes, once again, Pongo.

      We give him a quarter of a tablet twice a day and it seems to help.

      The vets told us it was safe, and that also it was very hard for
      anyone, human or animal, to OD on Pepcid. So when his stomach's been
      especially bad, we even will occasionally give him a half.

      Crush it into any food you think will be smelly enough to tempt him.
      If you don't see an improvement by tomorrow, call the vet. At least
      that's what we've done.

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