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105Re: [feline-heart] Intro

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  • diane@mathermotorsports.com
    Apr 10, 2000
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      If you are strong enough to help, we would sure love to have you!
      When I looked this am, we were at 30 members and a couple more have
      joined today. I don't know how many of us are combo CRF/heart cases.
      So far Frisky is not, really, though she did detect a *slight* murmer
      in him. I'm more worried about our other two.

      And guess what I found today? Kearra dos *not* have HCM like I've
      thought for the past 5 years, what she has is more rare in cats. I
      must've written it down wrong way back when. However, that is what
      Mudgie has. Sigh.

      The vet will send me both reports Wed (didn't even know there were
      reports!). I told her my head was getting too full with all the CRF
      stuff with Frisky :)

      74 MII Ghia

      Mustang II Registry!!!
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