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  • Sheila Monti
    Apr 1, 2003
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      Thanks Dana,
      Felix has been stabilized for 4 years. My vet has a certificate in feline cardiology. She brought Felix's test to Tufts with her for free when he was diagnosed, so I do trust her a lot . She has left the teeth cleaning up to me entirely and lately I'm thinking that he should get them done because they now have anesthesia that is much safer than 4 years ago. I hate to see him get a second condition because I let his teeth go. He won't let me near them to brush them, but giving him a pill is no problem, go figure!!

      "Dana Rulf (merlynsmama)" <drulf@...> wrote:HI Sheila,
      Merlyn (15 1/2, CRF & HCM) was diagnosed with both in mid-January.
      Our vet, Doc Mike said that once we got him stabilized (I loved that
      WHEN, not "if") on his meds for both diseases for at least a month,
      then we could evaluate whether or not we would have Merlyn's teeth
      cleaned. We are nearing that month mark right now, and will be
      talking to Doc Mike about it soon.
      So, I don't think teeth cleaning is ruled out, necessarily, but the
      vet was right to tell you there is always a risk with anesthesia.
      Talk to your vet some more, and see how comfortable you feel in
      another week or so. I am a firm believer in "trust your own
      instincts" and will be following my own gut in the near future.
      Keep us posted --
      Merlyn & Tully

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Sheila Monti <shemae519@y...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone, I hope this AM brings good news to the felines that are
      having difficulties.
      > The postings made me think of something I've been pondering. My
      felix has very bad teeth. He has cardiomyopathy for 5 years and he is
      on 12.5mg of atenelol. I go to a very modern up to date vets and they
      have posted that they now have the most modern anesthesia available.
      My vet always says there is always a risk with any anesthesia and she
      would leave it up to me if I got his teeth cleaned.
      > As you all probably know, bad gums can cause kidney problems in
      felines. I am weighing the odds. What would be more dangerous for
      Felix? I had a cat (Rocky) that had a murmur all his life and had no
      problems going under to get his teeth cleaned, but he did not have
      cardiomyopathy. When he was older the vet would not clean his teeth
      and he did develop renal failure. It could have been his age.
      > Any experience out there? Has anyone had their cats teeth cleaned
      that also has heart problems? Or does anyone have a suggestion for an
      alternative for me? Thanks.
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