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Fwd: Sad Demise of Carver

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  • Paul Blezard
    Cross-posted from the TTW list. PNB ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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      Cross-posted from the TTW list.

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      > 1a.Hopefully ATLC Will Flourish Later On ! Re: Carver Files For
      > BankrupPosted by: "Mitch Casto" mitchcasto@...

      > birdaaaaaaaaThu Jun 25, 2009 6:22 am (PDT)
      > Hi everyone,
      > It's sad news that Carver Europe has gone bankrupt, but car
      > manufacturing was never their real aim. What they wanted to do was
      > license their tilting system, "Dynamic Vehicle Control" to
      > established vehicle manufacturers. Just think if Porsche, Lotus,
      > BMW, or Ferrari had had the guts to give it a shot instead of using
      > refined 75 year old technology derived from a subconscious
      > slavishness to a horse cart technology. The car companies have in
      > essence been improving the horse carriage bit by bit over the past
      > century and ultimately found that the only way to improve road
      > holding is to increase the width and reduce the suspension range
      > until it is hard as a rock just enough not to crack the chassis
      > (Formula One).

      > But, there is hope because ATLC ( Advanced Technology Licensing
      > Company ) still exists.

      > And that is the real Carver, Phiaro, and VentureOne
      > http://www.atlc.nl/technical/dvc.html
      > Carver Engineering Dynamic Vehicle Control
      > http://www.carver-engineering.com/technical/dvc.html
      > Venture One
      > http://www.flytheroad.com/tech.html
      > Phiaro
      > http://www.phiaro.co.jp/
      > Harry Kroonen, Chris Van Den Brink and many others the were among
      > the founding members ( first 5-10 ) of our Tilting group. Harry
      > Kroonen ( coinventor with Chris ) with his extraordinary English
      > skills as well as his amazing ability to make complex mechanics and
      > dynamics seem simple, gave us quite a boost from the beginning
      > around 1997. ( They'd made it onto CNN TV News and it was called
      > the TriCone.)
      > One complaint that people commonly make about the Carver reflects a
      > general stupidity among the public. They say that it costs too
      > much. They'd never say this about a hand built exotic car, in fact
      > that adds to the panache of a Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini.
      > But, after having driven all those, Jeremy Clarkson on the BBC Top
      > Gear car program and who has a reputation as a very harsh vehicle
      > critic said: "I have to say, absolutely hand on heart, that I've
      > never had so much fun in a car, really and truthfully, and I don't
      > think I'd ever tire of it." He didn't say that about the cars he
      > drove that cost 2X, 4X or more. So, why isn't worth that much Joe
      > Public ? Do you base vehicle worth on the number of cylinders or
      > the peak horsepower or the top speed ( you will Never reach 75
      > percent of it's top speed for 4 seconds in the lifespan of a
      > supercar). Maybe you're too much based in silly fantasy and as for
      > your latent communism regarding price - scrap your car, buy a
      > discount bicycle and give away 80 percent of your monthly income to
      > the 3rd World.
      > Vehicle Collectors would be smart to buy up what Carvers they can
      > find for sale and investors would show a real progressive streak
      > investing in ATLC instead of EXXON and WalMart.
      > Keep Leaning the Right Way ATLC !
      > -Mitch Casto
      > ps the news article is translated to English below
      > ARTICLE translated by Google Language Tools from Dutch to
      > Englishhttp://www.ad.nl/economie/3317376/
      > Fabrikant_van_driewieler_Carver_failliet.html
      > Wednesday, June 24, 2009
      > Manufacturer of tricycle Carver bankrupt
      > By DEBORAH Jongejan
      > Carver Europe, the' s-Gravendeel company behind the tilting three-
      > wheeled sports cars, is bankrupt.
      > A beautiful Dutch product by the current crisis does not exist
      > anymore,''says director Wim Verheul.
      > The new type of vehicle, a cross between a motorcycle and a car,
      > got worldwide fame thanks to include the TV show Top Gear.
      > Too few people wanted the ingenious sports car to buy 50,000 euros,
      > says Director Verheul. We had about 300 vehicles sold per years,
      > but in two years we have only 200 were purchased.''
      > When a major sales deal in May because of the economic crisis was
      > postponed, was on the cake.
      > For designer Chris van den Brink and his family, which many have
      > invested in the company, bankruptcy is a hard shot. The Carver is a
      > supergaaf product, so it is very unpleasant that we are not this
      > difficult time drawing. We have had times that the production was
      > too slow for the question and then turn suddenly to the other side.''
      > Nine workers get their jobs lost. At Carver affiliates still exist.
      > END Of Article

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