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Re: Dan Gurney 1931-2018

For those who haven't seen it, I have put my own tribute to Dan Gurney up on bikeweb, as a blog post on the Home page, along with the tribute image sent out by
blezard paul
5:08 AM

Greetings and best wishes for 2018 & new PERAVES CZ brochure with ne

Dear friends, somewhat late but still earnestly wishing you all the best for 2018 and more.. Enclosed please find our X-MAS-CARD + new brochure for PERAVES CZ
Arnold Wagner
Jan 16
Shinji Morokuma
Jan 14

K100 donor available

Just got this email. Julian How could I post on FF Web that I have a potential donor bike for (a make-me-an-offer) sale? I have a complete BMW K100 with spare
Julian Bond
Jan 7

Re: some quick Honda CTX700FF photos

... Arthur, the plates are not the footpeg mounts, just the base mount of the foot box subframe (with floorboards, not pegs in them). The bottom of the
Michael Moore
Jan 4

Re: some quick Honda CTX700FF photos

This is similar to what I've done with my FF foot pegs, and for the same reasons. I didn't machine brackets; I welded up steel bits. The water hose on the VFFF
Arthur Middleton
Jan 4

Re: some quick Honda CTX700FF photos

It is a novel sensation to have already made progress this early in a year. I've got the main brackets for the CTX footboxes made and they bolt to the
Michael Moore
Jan 3

Re: VMCC picks up FOTB again

Hi Graham. Much as I would like to come to the FoTB this coming year, it just isn't going to happen. I will almost certainly still be in France, and even if
Dec 28, 2017

Re: crashworthiness

Crashworthiness was at the heart of the way Genesis was constructed. Taking the statistical studies of real crashes the entire frame/bodywork/seating/security
Dec 25, 2017

Re: crashworthiness

Yes, I know I was lucky that time. My last one, I went over the bonnet of the car bike and me. The bike was a write off but I did get more from the insurance
David Scott
Dec 24, 2017

VMCC picks up FOTB again

HI All I have had a letter from the VMCC. - addressed to the BFF. (I am 'events secretary' as far as they are concerned, having done this last time the VMCC
Graham Robb
Dec 24, 2017

Re: crashworthiness

   Hi Michael and All,     Back a while many bigger US bikes had a squared oval style highway bars bolted to the lower frame front  and sticking out that
jerry freedomev
Dec 24, 2017

Re: crashworthiness

Http://bikeweb.com/node/2050 This shows us my crashing FF. Any semi enclosed unbelted FF will try and unseat you and separate from you in crashing situation
Colin Russell
Dec 24, 2017

Re: crashworthiness

From my (too many) FF and HF crashes, I'd say make the foot boxes strong enough to keep your feet protected and the sides to cover your legs if possible to
Arthur Middleton
Dec 24, 2017

Re: crashworthiness

From my FF crashing experience,it is a good idea to have sacrificial points of contact that can be replaced quickly and easily and cheaply. If attaching to
Colin Russell
Dec 23, 2017
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