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Clip: The Wedding Present Ready First LP in Eight Years

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  • Carl Zimring
    Today s Pitchfork report also has an article on Outkast s film and future recording projects. The
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      Today's Pitchfork report also has an article on Outkast's film and future
      recording projects.


      The Wedding Present Ready First LP in Eight Years

      Aaron Mandel reports:
      The way we see it, there are two basic ways this spate of reunions can end.
      Either it grinds to a halt, with each individual member of each respective
      band suddenly and simultaneously recognizing why their group ever went on
      hiatus, or bands that have never actually existed will start reuniting just
      to get a little publicity, like microtonal-garage forefathers Mmqli
      Trillweq. In any event, The Wedding Present have been away for seven years,
      and technically, it wasn't even a breakup-- bandleader David Gedge just put
      the group on hold to pursue a softer sound with Cinerama, a project he
      started with then-girlfriend Sally Murrell.

      Now, after nearly a decade of extracirricular focus, Gedge is reviving his
      old band's name for an album and a tour. The first Wedding Present
      recording since 1996 has been entitled Take Fountain, and has been set for
      release on February 15th, 2005 on Manifesto Records-- and of course, one
      day earlier in Europe. The lineup as of now is Gedge, Terry de Castro, Kari
      Paavola and Simon Cleave, all of whom were in Cinerama. (Cleave was also in
      The Wedding Present when it went into suspended animation.) Tracks:

      01 On Ramp
      02 Interstate 5
      03 Always The Quiet One
      04 I'm From Further North Than You
      05 Mars Sparkles Down On Me
      06 Ringway To Seatac
      07 Don't Touch That Dial
      08 It's For You
      09 Larry's
      10 Queen Anne
      11 Perfect Blue

      A press release announcing the album states that the name change was
      inspired by the 2002 breakup with Sally Murrell that left David Gedge
      without his core Cinerama collaborator, depressed, and in Seattle (in that
      order). The song titles, at the very least, have the ring of a journey from
      England to America reverberating throughout; a track entitled "Edinburgh"
      underwent a name change (becoming "I'm Further North"), and "Queen Anne"
      might sound like a Brit thing, but it's also a fashionable neighborhood in
      Seattle. To be fair, that's not new-- Gedge's last Wedding Present album
      had a song called "Kansas", and he covered Pavement's ode to Box Elder, MO
      in 1990, before most people knew who Pavement was.

      For fans in the UK (or who are, you know, on the internet), a teaser single
      for "Interstate 5" comes out November 15th, backed by non-album tracks "Bad
      Thing" and "Snapshots". European and American tours will follow in 2005,
      with dates for the former already laid out:

      02-16 Belfast, Ireland - Spring & Airbrake
      02-17 Galway, Ireland - Cuba
      02-18 Cork, Ireland - Cypress Ave
      02-19 Dublin, Ireland - Village
      02-20 Liverpool, England - Academy
      02-21 Stoke, England - Sugarmill
      02-22 Colchester, England - Arts Centre
      02-23 Portsmouth, England - Wedgewood Rooms
      02-24 Brighton, England - Concorde 2
      02-25 Oxford Zodiac, England - Club
      02-26 Sheffield, England - Leadmill
      02-27 Bristol, England - Fleece & Firkin
      02-28 Birmingham, England - Academy 2
      03-01 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
      03-02 Newcastle, England - University
      03-03 Dundee, Scotland - Reading Rooms
      03-04 Glasgow, Scotland - King Tuts
      03-05 Leeds, England - University
      03-06 Manchester, England - University
      03-07 Norwich, England - Arts Centre
      03-08 Northampton, England - Roadmender
      03-16 Paris, France - Marquoinere
      03-17 Toulouse, France - LR
      03-18 Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz 3
      03-20 Bologna, Italy - Estragon Club
      03-21 Basel, Switzerland - Hirscheneck
      03-22 M√ľnchen, Germany - Atomic Cafe
      03-23 Frankfurt, Germany - Nachtleben
      03-24 Koln, Germany - Prime Club
      03-25 Berlin, Germany - Maria am Ostbahnhof
      03-26 Hamburg, Germany - Knust
      03-28 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser
      03-29 Oslo, Norway - Garage
      03-30 Kobenhavn, Denmark - Loppen
      03-31 Bremen, Germany - Guterbahnhof Tor
      04-01 Hannover, Germany - Cafe Clocksee
      04-02 Rotterdam, Netherlands - Rotown
      04-03 Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
      04-04 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
      04-05 Bruxelles, Belgium - AB Club
      04-06 London, England - Forum

      .: Pitchfork Review: The Wedding Present: Singles 1995-1997
      .: Pitchfork Review: Cinerama: Torino
      .: Wedding Present/Cinerama: http://www.scopitones.co.uk
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