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Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on November 04, 2004

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  • jwmoosefan2001
    Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on November 04, 2004 Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New [Notes] Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free -
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 4, 2004
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      Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on November 04, 2004

      Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New

      Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free - Don't Give On Me
      [ The Five Blind Boys of Alabama also are on this gospel-tinged
      track. "None of us are free when one of us is chained" ]

      Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - This Land Is Your Land - What If We
      All Stopped Paying Taxes single*
      [ The funkiest version of a Woody Guthrie song you'll ever
      hear. - "In the squares of the city / In the shadow of the steeple /
      Near the relief office - I see my people / And some are grumblin' and
      some are wonderin' /
      If this land's still made for you and me." ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Lead Belly - Bourgeois Blues - Bourgeois Blues+
      [ Ah, a listener requested this one...fit in perfectly. ]

      George Perkins & The Silver Stars - Cryin' In The Streets (Part 1) -
      Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures - Vol. 2
      [ Actually, only 48.5% of the U.S. population is crying in the
      streets. The other 51.5% is having a big ol' hoedown. - Dave Godin
      coined the term "deep soul" and was responsible for exposing many
      lesser-known soul artists to soon-to-be-soul-music aficionados in the
      UK. This was one of four terrific compilations put together by Dave
      Godin and released on the UK Kent Records label. A tribute to Dave
      Godin can be found at
      http://www.acerecords.co.uk/extras/DaveGodin.html ]

      Swamp Dogg - Sam Stone - A Soldier's Sad Story
      [ John Prine meets southern soul - "There's a hole in daddy's
      arm where all the money goes" - Not the feel good song of the year. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      X - The New World - More Fun In The New World
      [ "Honest to goodness the bars weren't open this morning / They
      must have been voting for a new president or something / Do you have
      a quarter?" I said yes because I did / Honest to goodness the tears
      have been falling all over the country's face / It was better before
      before they voted for whats his name / This was supposed to be the
      new world" ]

      Green Day - Holiday - American Idiot*
      [ Play it loud & play it often. ]

      The Clash - Safe European Home - Give Em Enough Rope

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Donnas - The Gold Medal - Gold Medal*
      [ This release just came out this week & the title track is one
      heck of a catchy song. ]

      Jill Sobule - Soldiers Of Christ - Happy Town
      [ "Our lord loves the sinner as long as he don't sin / He knows
      the thoughts you're thinking / He knows with whom you've been / And
      out lord loves this country, he's with you at the polls /
      He knows the lever that you pull /
      He's keeping track of souls / The way it used to be / The way it
      ought to be The way it's going to be again / And when we're in heaven
      you'll be sorry /
      When we're in heaven you'll be sorry / When we're in heaven /
      you'll be sorry then!" ]

      One Fell Swoop - Way Out West - Crazy Time
      [ Tales of the new West County expansion. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Delgados - Sink Or Swim - Universal Audio*
      [ OK, my friend Amy has a much better account of the Delgados
      show from last week than I would have written: " The Delgados...rule
      the world. Or at least mine.
      Their show in Kansas City last night was nothing short of
      magnificent. The
      dense, layered sound of their recent records came across even better
      (thanks in part to the two keyboard players, who doubled on cello and
      violin,respectively), and both Emma and Alun are incredibly strong
      singers. The result was a giant, glorious wall of gorgeousness and
      gorgeousity. And they've got great stage presence. Emma is about 5
      feet tall and doesn't look old enough to be holding her own guitar,
      but she's absolutely fierce, as well as funny and charming. Alun is
      so skinny that he could be a member of the Figgs (the world's
      skinniest rock band). Stewart, the bass player, extolled the virtues
      of the Maker's Mark and Coke that they were all drinking (out of pint
      glasses--Emma made some interesting faces after her first sips), and
      they all seemed genuinely appreciative of the smallish but
      enthusiastic crowd." The only thing I would add is that this show
      ranked among the top 10 shows I've ever seen...and I've seen a lot of
      shows. ]

      Randy Newman - Political Science - Sail Away

      Rufus Wainwright - One Man Guy - Poses

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Delgados - I Fought The Angels - Universal Audio*

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Aimee Mann - That's Just What You Are - Live At St. Ann's Warehouse*
      [ This is from a live CD & DVD set which just came out this
      week. The release does include two new Aimee Mann songs, as well. ]

      The Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls
      [ Appearing this Saturday (11/6) at Mississippi Nights ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Bettye Swann - Today I Started Loving You Again - Bettye Swann*
      [ Bettye Swann covering Merle Haggard....sublime country soul. ]

      Nora O' Connor - Sticks 'n' Stones - Hard Headed Woman: A
      Celebration Of Wanda Jackson*

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Robbie Fulks - Cry Cry Cry - Dress In Black: A Tribute To Johnny

      Bob Dylan - Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - Live 1975

      The Everly Brothers - The Price Of Love - Walk Right Back: The
      Everly Brothers On Warner Bros. 1960-69

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Buddy Miller - With God On Our Side - Universal United House Of

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Billy Bragg - Help Save The Youth Of America - Must I Paint You A
      [ I received a request for Billy Bragg's version of "Which Side
      Are You On." That sure would have been fitting for this show but I
      didn't have it. Hopefully, this sufficed. ]

      Billy Bragg - A New England - Must I Paint You A Picture?

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Soul Sisters - I Can't Stand It - The UK Sue Label Story - Vol.
      [ I don't know much about the Soul Sisters other than that they
      had this one single put out by this UK label. The Spencer Davis Group
      released covers of several Sue records, including this song. ]

      Larry Williams - Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Larry Williams At His Finest*
      [ This is a terrific 2-CD compilation of the best of his
      recordings on Specialty Records. ]

      Derek Martin - Daddy Rolling Stone - The UK Sue Label Story
    • Carl Zimring
      Great playlist, John. Carl Z.
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 5, 2004
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        Great playlist, John.

        Carl Z.
      • Andy Benham
        Agreed, its good to see the delgados getting some airplay. Needless to say another band championed by John Peel. ... Andrew Benham Email A.S.Benham@bham.ac.uk
        Message 3 of 3 , Nov 5, 2004
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          Agreed, its good to see the delgados getting some airplay. Needless
          to say another band championed by John Peel.

          On 5 Nov 2004 at 10:07, Carl Zimring wrote:

          > Great playlist, John.
          > Carl Z.
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