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Steve's WXDU Playlist for 11/3/4

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  • Steve Gardner
    A post election day show. I won t be DJing at the Federal again until next Wed. Good luck with the future. Steve Gardner www.clinkmagazine.com www.wxdu.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2004
      A post election day show.

      I won't be DJing at the Federal again until next Wed.

      Good luck with the future.

      Steve Gardner
      www.wxdu.org 7-9am Weds

      *Poster Children/We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing/On The
      Offensive/Hidden Agenda
      [From covers EP of rock protest songs. This one is a rockin' cover
      of the Heaven 17 new wave hit.]
      *The Nein/Handout/The Nein EP/Sonic Unyon
      [Another band that proves that local music is not inferior to the music
      that is getting blasted out nationwide. These local boys hold their own
      against all those dark post-punk/punk bands making the rounds these days.]
      *The Sun/My Girlfriend's Best Friend/Did Your Mother Tell You?/Warner
      [Great song! Rocking and catchy.]

      *Robyn Hitchcock/Full Moon In My Soul/Spooked/Yep Roc
      [Robyn played this week in town twice, once at Borders and once
      at the Cat's Cradle. Both shows were great.]
      *Dolorean/Violence In The Snowy Field/Violence in the Snowy Field/Yep Roc
      *Sainte Chapelle/This One Follows Me Around/Soon To Fail/Cardboard Sangria
      [Featuring the guys from the Pedal Steel Transmission.]
      *Bright Eyes/Well Whiskey/Lua/Saddle Creek
      [Bright Eyes have flirted with country music in the past, but on this
      track they dive in headlong. Sounds like a goth kid singing "Six Days On
      the Road"...well, it kinda is.]

      *Silencers/Peter Gunn Theme/Rock n Roll Enforcers/Precision
      [This was the theme song of my favorite radio show when I lived in CA,
      Myke Destiny's Big Guitar Show on KFJC in Los Altos Hills. I found this
      used the other day and so brought it in for olde tyme's sake.]
      *The Eames Era/Could Be Anything/The Eames Era EP/C Student
      [Good stuff. Check this out if you are a Rilo Kiley fan.]
      *Neko Case/Rated X/The Tigers Have Spoken/Anti-
      [From her new live album.]
      *Gourds/Cracklins/Blood On The Ram/Eleven Thirty
      [By request.]

      *James Holloway/Ala Carte/Las Vegas Grind!/Strip
      [7:45am seemed like a good time to break out the stripper music.]
      *Z-Trip/Rockstar/Return of the DJ, Vol 2/Bomb Hip Hop
      *The Hells/Sensation/The Hells/Artrocker
      *Suicidal Tendencies/Fascist Pig/Suicidal Tendencies/Frontier
      *Adolescents/Kids of the Black Hole/Adolescents/Frontier
      [The last two songs brought me back to high school and the
      Reagan years.]

      *American Music Club/Patriot's Heart/Love Songs For Patriots/Merge
      [Playing tonight at the Cat's Cradle.]
      *Enon/Get The Letter Out/Believo!/See Thru Broadcasting
      *Ulysses/Glacier/010/Eenie Meenie
      *Cookie Galore/John Kennedy/Audio Precision/Heat Beat
      *The Zinedines/Twice Upon A Time/Take Me Take Me/Rainbow Quartz

      *Human Television/Automobile/All Songs Written By:/Gigantic
      *The Feelies/The High Road/No One Knows/Twin Tone
      *Dumptruck/Back Where I Belong/Positively Dumptruck/Bigtime

      *Billy Bragg/Ideology/Talking With The Taxman About Poetry/Go!Discs
      ["When one voice rules the nation
      Just because they're on top of the pile
      Doesn't mean their vision is the clearest
      The voices of the people
      Are falling on deaf ears
      Our politicians all become careerists
      They must declare their interests
      But not their company cars
      Is there more to a seat in parliament
      Then sitting on your arse
      And the best of all this bad bunch
      Are shouting to be heard
      Above the sound of ideologies clashing
      Outside the patient millions
      Who put them into power
      Expect a little more back for their taxes
      Like school books, beds in hospitals
      And peace in our bloody time
      All they get is old men grinding axes
      Who've built their private fortunes
      On the things they can rely
      The courts, the secret handshake
      The Stock Exchange and the old school tie
      For God and Queen and Country
      All things they justify
      Above the sound of ideologies clashing

      God bless the civil service
      The nations saving grace
      While we expect democracy
      They're laughing in our face
      And although our cries get louder
      Their laughter gets louder still
      Above the sound of ideologies clashing"]

      *Gang of 4/He'd Send In The Army/Solid Gold/Wounded Bird
      *Dead Kennedy's/Back in the USSR/Live at the Deaf Club/Manifesto
      *Weirdos/We Got the Neutron Bomb/We Got the Neutron Bomb/Frontier
      *The Fall/Powder Keg/39 Golden Greats: 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be

      *Uncut/Understanding The New Violence/Those Who Were Hung Hang Here/Paper Bag

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