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RE: [fearnwhiskey] Record Collectors View with Caution

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  • Carl A Zimring
    Awful. Makes me glad Jerry s is on the second floor well up from the bottom of the hill. Carl Z.
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 21, 2004
      Awful. Makes me glad Jerry's is on the second floor well up from the bottom of the hill.

      Carl Z.

      > Apparently D&J Records in Carnegie, the secret cache of northern soul in
      > the Pittsburgh region, was utterly and completely wiped out in the same
      > flood.
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      > To: fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com Subject: [fearnwhiskey] Record Collectors
      > View with Caution
      > This was on the front page of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today.
      > Just a sad casualty of the recent flooding that occurred in Pittsburgh
      > (thanks to Ivan)
      > http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/trib/pittsburgh/s_253344.h
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    • jim caligiuri
      *RE: new St. John s Church director **Lawrence Okey Ugwu cancels Sat .September 25th concert by seminal Industrial/psychedelic group Psychic TV* ** Polish
      Message 2 of 4 , Sep 22, 2004
        *RE: new St. John's Church director **Lawrence Okey Ugwu cancels Sat
        .September 25th concert by seminal Industrial/psychedelic group Psychic TV*
        Polish Catholic Church director Lawrence Okey Ugwu cancels Psychic
        TV’s show in St John’s Church in Gdansk, Poland. He accuses band of
        promoting anti Catholic, and pro Satanist beliefs!

        Open Letter to media in Poland
        We find the present situation concerning the cancellation of the PSYCHIC
        TV concert at St. John's Church in Gdansk, Poland on Saturday 25th
        September ridiculous in the extreme. The actions of Lawrence Okey Ugwu
        are deplorable. His decision has nothing to do with god, but to do with
        his own ego. It is a decision based on self-aggrandisement.

        Let us look at the facts, Mr. Ugwu has been reported as saying that he
        has seen PSYCHIC TV during his college days. Mr. Ugwu is now 46.
        Therefore if Mr. Ugwu attended college in England when he was around 20,
        that was around the 25 years ago. PTV was only formed in 1979, one might
        question if Mr. Ugwu has seen the band at all? However, let us take Mr.
        Ugwu at his word. If he has seen the band perform, it could not have had
        such a significant moral impact, as he seems to have turned in to a
        god-fearing soul. Especially as it has been reported that Mr. Ugwu has
        stated that, "Psychic TV is a fine band, I'll gladly come to their
        show." It seems the height of hypocrisy to in one breathe state that the
        band in "fine", and he would "gladly come to their show", and then feel
        morally outraged at their apparent anti-Christian, satanic, pornographic
        and blasphemous statements and stance.

        Regarding the overwhelming proof that Mr. Ugwu has amassed:
        1) He seems to be relying on 25 year-old memories of a concert's visuals.
        2) Then he claims various unnamed internet sources. Even if he now goes
        on to find any 'internet sources', these would have been located after
        his decision, and did not help formulate his decision. If Mr. Ugwu even
        tries to suggest that the fact that he found something on the internet,
        therefore means that it is an absolute or even accurate description is
        laughable. Would he be professing a belief that everything on the
        internet is the gospel truth?
        3) He is using photos of images of a naked woman with a snake on
        televisions at a concert 20 years ago as absolute and accurate proof of
        his case. This too is laughable.
        We would suggest formulating ones views from a deliberately uninformed
        position of ignorance is not a wise course of action.

        If Mr. Ugwu was genuinely concerned about the concert and not his own
        'cult of personality', he presumably would have asked for clarification
        on what the performance would have included. We would have been more
        than happy to inform him of this. Then if there was anything in what we
        described that concerned him, he could have asked for guarantees that
        the offending part be omitted from the St. John's performance. If we
        refused such a request, he might then have looked at his options.
        However, at no stage has Mr. Ugwu asked any questions, he has merely
        made statements - ignorant bigoted statements.

        Then let us look at the legal issues that Lawrence Okey Ugwu also seems
        ignorant of. We obviously would not like to believe that Mr. Ugwu would
        wish to break to the law, especially knowingly. Both Mr. Ugwu and his
        predecessor Akadiusz Rybicki, have gone on record stating that a verbal
        agreement exists between Krzysztof Gruszczynski and the Baltic Culture
        Center (NCK). Under Polish law a verbal agreement is as legally binding
        as a written agreement. Nor does the fact that Mr. Ugwu is now the new
        director invalidate the agreement. Can you imagine a world where a new
        director of a company or leader of a country takes office, and
        unilaterally decides not to honour previous agreements as they were not
        made under their term and with them personally? We trust that Mr. Ugwu
        would not want to break the law, and then hide behind his position
        hoping it will protect him from the law. We will maintain a vigilance
        over the events as they unfold, and if appropriate, seek a legal ruling
        on the situation.

        We have found an alternative venue to perform the show in Gdansk area on
        Saturday 25th September. We would urge people to come down and see the
        show for themselves and make up their own mind after witnessing the facts.

        The new venue is...
        UCHO Club
        Ul. Sw Piotra 2
        Tel +48.58.7822969

        Tickets already purchased for the St. John's show will be valid at the
        new venue.* *
        Pyshic TV are undertaking their first US dates outside the East Coast
        this November, the group being reactivated last year's after being
        terminated in the mid-90's

        Tues Nov 2nd - Los Angeles, CA- Knitting Factory
        Wed Nov 3rd - San Francisco CA- DNA Lounge
        Fri Nov 5th - Portland OR - Sabala's
        Sat Nov 6th - Seattle WA - Chop Suey

        Wed, 11/15/04, Montreal, Qbc, Café Campus
        Thu 11/16/04, Toronto, Ont, Fun Haus
        Fri 11/17/04, Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle
        Sat, 11/18/04, Detroit, MI, Magic Stick
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