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Town & Country, New Zealand. Monday 20 Sept

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  • Blue Smoke Music Company
    TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 KHz AM, Mon 20 Sept 8.45 pm start. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783 ___________________________________________________ Join
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2004
      TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 KHz AM, Mon 20 Sept
      8.45 pm start. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783
      Join our announcements/chatlist. Send a blank email

      ARTIST of the Week: GRAHAM RODGER, A Gypsy's Life [Austrak] Oz
      ALBUM of the Week: ED BURLISON, The Cold Hard Truth [Palo Duro]

      * @ 8.45 pm THE KINGPUP RADIO SHOW. Guest: BLUE RIDGE

      * @ 9.00 pm RITCHIE ROBERTS paddles in from The Twin Lakes Opry:

      WALDEN DAHL, My Rose Of Old Kentucky [Tricopolis]
      RED FOLEY & ERNEST TUBB, Goodnight Irene [BIEM]
      DANIEL O'DONNELL, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight [Music Club]
      RITCHIE ROBERTS, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys [unreleased] NZ
      CRYSTAL GAYLE, Make A Dream Come True [Disky]
      KENNY ROGERS, You Decorated My Life [Disky]
      COLE WILSON & THE TUMBLEWEEDS, The Soldier's Last Hour [Viking] NZ

      * @ 9.45 pm MERV WALTERS surrenders up his WMD [Western Music Discs]:

      CURLEY WILLIAMS, Woe Is Me [Bear Family]
      TED DAFFAN, Are You Satisfied Now? [Jasmine]
      HANK SNOW, A Woman Captured Me [Bear Family]
      HANK WILLIAMS, There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight [MGM]
      MERLE TRAVIS, Divorce Me C.O.D. [Capitol]
      JIM REEVES, From A Jack To A King [RCA]
      ROGER MILLER, Some Hearts Get All The Breaks [Phillips]
      SONNY BURNS, If You See My Baby [Cascade]
      MARTY STUART & DEL McCOURY: Let us Travel, Travel On [Universal South]
      HEINRICH, Ring Of Fire [Comstock]
      PAM TILLIS & JOHNNY CASH, Keep Your Eyes On Jesus [Universal South]
      KELLY KENNING, Pure Strait Country [CD-Tex]
      RIDERS IN THE SKY, Riding The Winds Of The West [Rounder]
      HARRY TORRANI, Mountain Echo Yodel [Bronco Buster]
      BIG BILL LISTER, Countrified [Sun]

      * EDDIE O'STRANGE has Dedications & a kitbag full of New Releases:

      ED BURLISON, If You Wanna Go (Just Go) [Palo Duro]
      GRAHAM RODGER, Middleton Hotel [Austrak] Oz
      ROD MacDONALD, It's A Tough Life [Gadfly]
      THE WOODYS, Hello Heartache [Dynamike Music]
      ED BURLISON, Sneakin' Suspicion [Palo Duro]
      THE JEWS BROTHERS, Alabama Song [Rouge] NZ
      GRAHAM RODGER, Shindig At The Glenreagh Pub [Austrak] Oz
      TOM DEAN, Change Of Heart [tomdeansongs.com] Ca
      ELEVEN HUNDRED SPRINGS, See You In The Next Life [Palo Duro]
      ROD MacDONALD, When Angel Gets Blue [Wind River]
      ALAN JACKSON, Where I Come From [Arista]

      Our grateful thanks to all the artists, labels and studios who make their
      music available for us to broadcast nation-wide. New Zealand thanks you.
      Eddie <blue.smoke@...>

      Eddie O'Strange, Town & Country Radio Show's anchor host for 13+ years.
      Postal Address: 21 Redvers Drive, Belmont, Lower Hutt 6009, New Zealand
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