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Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on September 02, 2004

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  • jwmoosefan2001
    Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on September 02, 2004 Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New [Notes] Bobby Womack - California Dreamin - The
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      Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on September 02, 2004

      Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New

      Bobby Womack - California Dreamin' - The Ultimate Collection
      [ This 2-CD compilation was released in 1999 by the UK Charly
      record label. There are a number of Bobby Womack compilations out
      there but this is as good as any I've seen. ]

      Patrinell Staten - I Let A Good Man Go - Wheedle's Groove -
      Seattle's Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75*
      [ This collection is made up of obscure local recordings from
      the Seattle scene from the period of 1965-75 (well, all but three),
      most of which never made it past the Pacific Northwest to the
      national charts. Some gems are on here, for sure, and the styles run
      the whole gamut of funk and soul. Potential K-Yule material with the
      instrumental version of "Auld Lang Syne" by a band called Black On
      White Affair. ]

      The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There - The Best Of The Staple
      [ Mavis Staples will be appearing in St. Louis at the Big Muddy
      Festival on Sunday, September 5. And it's free. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Elvis Costello - Complicated Shadows - The Sopranos: Music From The
      Original Series
      [ This is an extremely well put together collection of songs
      from lots of different genres. This live version by Elvis Costello
      and the Attractions rocks hard. ]

      Kasey Chambers - The Captain - The Captain
      [ Kasey Chambers has a new release called "Wayward Angel"
      (Warner Bros) to be released 9/21. Since the station does not have
      this advance yet, this song will have to do. Plus, it fits the
      Sopranos theme.

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude - A Man & A Half
      [ Just saw a fascinating, inspiring, & goose-bump inducing DVD
      about Tom Dowd called "The Language Of Music." I can't recommend this
      highly enough. Anyway, Tom Dowd was the engineer and / or producer
      for artists ranging from Charlie Parker & Ornette Coleman to Ray
      Charles & Aretha Franklin to Derek & The Dominos & The Allman
      Brothers. There's a memorable part in the DVD about Eric Clapton
      talking to Tom Dowd about how he has to meet the person doing the
      guitar outro on Wilson Pickett's version of "Hey Jude." That person
      turned out to be Duane Allman. ]

      Jerry Butler - Only The Strong Survive - Beg, Scream, & Shout
      [ Appearing at The Ambassador on 9/18 (Saturday). ]

      Margie Joseph - Sweeter Tomorrow - Krusty 70's - Vol. 8
      [ This song was released by Atlantic Records in 1974 and
      features a wonderful vocal & orchestration by Philly's Kenny Gamble &
      Leon Huff. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Don Covay - I Was Checkin' Out While She Checkin' In - Mercy Mercy:
      The Definitive Don Covay
      [ Alright, I said this was a sad tale before playing it. A woman
      called in and said it sounded more like a (bad) karmic tale. Makes
      sense. ]

      006 - Like What, Me Worry - Garage Beat '66 - Like What, Me Worry
      [ This is the first of three volumes of the 60s garage rock
      anthology put out on Sundazed and features tracks mastered from the
      original sources and informative liner notes. This band from Chicago
      recorded this in 1966 and they opened up for the likes of the Rolling
      Stones, the Animals, and the Yardbirds. These lyrics contain more
      violence than the average rap song does. ]

      Ian Hunter - One More Time - Por Vida: A Tribute To The Songs Of
      Alejandro Escovedo*
      [ This bargain-priced new 2-CD set has a portion of the proceeds
      go to benefit the Alejandro Escovedo Medical & Living Expense Fund.
      Nice to see Ian Hunter return the favor & do an Alejandro cover.
      That "Austin, Austin, Austin" spoken ending kind of catches one by
      surprise. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Libertines - What Became Of The Likely Lads - The Libertines
      [ This just hit the stores this Tuesday. It's amazing this
      recording ever got made with the internal problems in this band and
      I'll be amazed if they ever make another album. In spite of all this,
      they were able to put out a really good album. Melodic & tuneful,
      sometimes it's quieter than "Up The Bracket", sometimes it rocks
      mightily, and it's produced by Mick Jones of the Clash. ]

      Sahara Hotnights - Who Do You Dance For? - Kiss & Tell*

      Spoon - Anything You Want - Old Enough 2 Know Better: 15 Years Of
      Merge Records*

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Delgados - Pull The Wires From The Wall - Peloton

      Fountains Of Wayne - Everything's Ruined (acoustic) - Future
      Soundtrack For America*

      The Beatles - For No One - Revolver

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Marah - East - 20,000 Streets Under The Sky
      [ Appearing tonight (Thursday 9/2) at Off Broadway. This band
      from Philadelphia always delivers a great live show. ]

      Lucinda Williams - Lines Around Your Eyes - Sweet Old World

      Richmond Fontaine - The Longer You Wait - Post To Wire

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Gillian Welch - I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll - Time (The
      [ Appearing this Wednesday (9/8) at Mississippi Nights. Opening
      is Old Crow Medicine Show. For more about this show, see Roy Kasten's
      critics pick in the RFT at http://www.riverfronttimes.com/issues/2004-
      09-01/critics3.html ]

      Mavis Staples - Touch My Heart - Touch My Heart: A Tribute To
      Johnny Paycheck*

      Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, & Flint - Lo & Behold - Lo & Behold
      [ From the All Music Guide: Another early 70`s gem with a wide
      appeal to both fans of 70`s rock and with a strong pop appeal. Echoes
      of Blue Ash, Buffalo Springfield and Blue (the Badfinger-ish sounding
      70`s "Blue"). But very much more than just another unearthed
      treasure, but a mini-classic. "4 1/2 stars... This is one of the
      finest records of its era (originally issued on DJM and Sire) and,
      amazingly, as a record of cover versions, had lots of rock press
      credibility as well. It should have fared about as well as the
      Hollies` venture into Dylan territory, except that Coulson, Dean,
      McGuinness, Flint were more suited to the Dylan material, and the
      Dylan songs they chose were a deliberate effort to delve specifically
      into material that Dylan had not released (as of that time) in any
      official versions - this was stuff that was known either only as
      compositions, or from various white-label bootlegs that were around
      then. The result was a record as good as anything the Band ever
      turned in, a gorgeous, haunting electric/acoustic mixture with
      impassioned vocals, impeccable musicianship, and what were then
      revelations about some of Dylan`s best and least-known songs.
      (Remember, he was off the road then, and releasing maybe an album a
      year.) The numbers include "Eternal Circle" (added to this reissue in
      an alternate mix version as a bonus track), "Lay Down Your Weary
      Tune," "Open the Door Homer," "Don`t You Tell Henry," "Get Your Rocks
      Off," "Tiny Montgomery" (a bonus track previously available only as a
      single B-side), "I Wanna Be Your Lover," "Let Me Die In My
      Footsteps," "Lo And Behold," and "Sign On the Cross." The sound is
      stunningly clean, and the new historical notes by Tom McGuinness are
      cool. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Garnet Mimms - As Long As I Have You - Cry Baby: The Best Of Garnet

      Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Frenzy - Voodoo Jive

      Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks - Who Do You Love - The Best Of Ronnie
      Hawkins & The Hawks

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Rick Nelson - Travelin' Man - Greatest Hits

      Ann-Margret - Thirteen Men - Let Me Entertain You
      [ Ann-Margret's gender rework of the Bill Haley & His Comets
      song. ]

      Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra - Route 66 Theme - Crazy 'Bout An

      Chuck Higgins & His Mellotones - Motor Head Baby - Straight To
      Watts: The Central Avenue Scene 1951-54

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Chuck Berry - You Can't Catch Me - Crazy 'Bout An Automobile
    • Carl A Zimring
      ... I ve said it elsewhere, but Jonathan Demme makes spectacular use of FoW s cover of the Kinks Better Things in The Manchurian Candidate. Though Better
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 3, 2004
        > Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on September 02, 2004

        included (along with some faboulous soul music):

        > Fountains Of Wayne - Everything's Ruined (acoustic) - Future Soundtrack
        > For America*

        I've said it elsewhere, but Jonathan Demme makes spectacular use of FoW's cover of the Kinks' "Better Things" in The Manchurian Candidate. Though "Better Things" is a better song than you hear at most political rallies...

        Carl Z.
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