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Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on July 08, 2004

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  • jwmoosefan2001
    Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on July 08, 2004 Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New [Notes] The Five Du-Tones - Shake A Tail Feather -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2004
      Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on July 08, 2004

      Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New

      The Five Du-Tones - Shake A Tail Feather - Hairspray OST
      [ The soundtrack for this 1988 movie was put together by John
      Waters and consists of many of his favorite songs during his teen
      years. Lots of great R&B and/or dance tunes on this and it can be
      found for ridiculously cheap out there. ]

      Sly & The Family Stone - Life - The Essential Sly & The Family Stone
      [ This 2-CD compilation is a really good place to start for an
      overview of Sly & The Family Stone. ]

      Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Motoring - The Ultimate Collection
      [ Motown's Ultimate Collection series puts out all the singles
      versions of artists which sometimes are different versions than the
      album versions. This was the B-side to "Nowhere To Run" and sounds
      like it should have been a hit to me. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Sam Cooke - Cupid - The Man Who Invented Soul
      [ All I had to do was hear this at a 4th of July party last
      weekend to inspire me to play this on the show. ]

      Solomon Burke - Cry To Me - The Very Best Of Solomon Burke+
      [ I had a request via e-mail to play some Solomon Burke. Bert
      Berns wrote this fine song and Solomon sounds great singing it. ]

      The Forty-Fives - Daddy Rolling Stone - High Life High Volume*
      [ You've probably heard the Derek Martin and Who versions of
      this song on past shows. This is a really good version, as well. On
      first listen, they seem to be branching out in some more musical
      styles on this new album which works to varying degrees. It's not as
      consistent as "Fight Dirty" to these ears. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Booker T. & The MGs - The Letter - Soul Men
      [ Steve Cropper's guitar leads sound great on this instrumental
      version of the Box Tops song. ]

      Mink DeVille - Spanish Stroll - Cadillac Walk: The Mink DeVille
      [ I've been wanting to play "Cadillac Walk" on the show and
      finally got around to buying a release that had it. But then I heard
      how good some of the other songs off the first Mink Deville album
      were and pulled this one out instead. The rest was musical Mink
      DeVille history. ]

      Marah - Soda - 20,000 Streets Under The Sky*
      [ I happened to pick one of the slowest songs off this fine
      (even though inconsistent) new release by Marah. I sure wish the FCC
      wouldn't make it impossible to play "Feather Boa" off this release
      which is one of the best songs I've heard this year. Even if the CD
      only had "Feather Boa" and "Freedom Park" on it, I would sure
      recommend it. And make a point of seeing them live when they return
      to St. Louis in a few months. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Patti Smith - Free Money - Horses*
      [ People were raving about her show at The Pageant a couple of
      weeks back. I think I made an error in judgement missing that one. ]

      PJ Harvey - Shame - Uh Huh Her*

      The 6ths - All Dressed Up In Dreams - Wasps' Nests
      [ The songs of Stephin Merritt with the vocals by various indie
      rock performers. It works really well. This particular somg was sung
      by Mary Timony of Helium. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Really Love You Anymore - i*
      [ This new release gets better & better after each listen. See
      them live if you have the chance. People came as far away as Dallas
      to see them in St. Louis when they performed here a couple of weeks
      ago. ]

      Small Faces - Long Ago & Worlds Apart - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
      [ This was off a reissue from an Italian label called Sunspots
      and it also contains several bonus tracks. Sunspots has also been
      lately reissuing a couple of Impressions releases. ]

      The Beatles - Revolution - Past Masters - Vol. 2
      [ Sure, I could have opted for Revolution 1 or Revolution 9 (#9-
      #9-#9) but went for the B-Side of "Hey Jude" instead. ]

      The Who - Pictures Of Lily - Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy
      [ If I believe the article I read last weekend, Peter Townsend
      calls this the best Who album ever. Hard to argue with that. OK, it's
      a compilation but what a compilation. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Marvin - Hope You're Happy - Bone
      [ Also known as Little Marvin and Marvin Etzioni, he was in Lone
      Justice & wrote some of their best songs, is a producer, and was
      recently seen in St. Louis at Twangfest playing mandolin in Grey
      DeLisle's band. Bit of drum trivia: Spencer Marquart (past drummer
      for Belle Starr, One Fell Swoop, & Mike Ireland & Holler) talked to
      the late, great Donald "The Clock" Lindley (drummer for artists such
      Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, Dave Alvin, etc.) once in Austin
      and he told Spencer that his drumming on this particular album was
      the work he was most proud of. Unless I'm just remembering the story
      wrong which, if this is the case, Spencer will correct me and I'll
      publish the correction on page 9 or something on next week's play
      list. ]

      Eve Barnum - Please Newsboy - Chicago Soul: Electric Blues Funk &
      [ This is a new release from the always reliable UK Soul Jazz
      label and it is a collection of Chicago "funky blues, psychedelic
      soul, and tripped out jazz" put out by Chess Records in the 60s. ]

      Chuck Prophet - You Been Gone - Homemade Blood
      [ You're staring at the monitor, you're getting sleepy, you're
      seeing that weird swirly pattern, you're now in a trance - OK, go buy
      the last three Chuck Prophet albums (Homemade Blood, The Hurting
      Business, No Other Love). Now, implore influential club owners to
      bring him into your towns & cities. Then go drag along friends &
      family and go see him play live. My hypnotic work here is done. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Nina Simone - Feeling Good - Compact Jazz
      [ If you ever wondered what that song before "Six Feet Under"
      is, now you know. ]

      Tom Waits - Down, Down, Down - Swordfishtrombones
      [ Probably my favorite Tom Waits album. ]

      Elvis Costello - Brilliant Mistake - King Of America

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Tres Chicas - Sweetwater - Sweetwater*
      [ This was just released last week and features some beautiful
      harmonies by Caitlin Cary, Tonya Lamm, and Lynn Blakey. Produced by
      Chris Stamey. ]

      Richmond Fontaine - Post To Wire - Post To Wire
      [ This release came out at the beginning of 2004 and the band
      recently put on a memorable show at Frederick's Music Lounge. The
      vocals of Willy Vlautin on this song are complemented nicely by the
      harmony of Deborah Kelly. ]

      Los Lobos - One Time One Night - By The Light Of The Moon
      [ David Hidalgo's lead guitar & vocals on this song and lyrics
      which are no less relevant today than they were in the 80s make this
      song truly memorable. ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Lefty Frizzell - The Long Black Veil - The Best Of Lefty Frizzell
      [ This compilation put out on Rhino features 18 of the best
      Lefty Frizzell tracks. ]

      Bob Dylan - Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - Live 1975
      [ This 2-CD set is a compilation of highlights from Dylan's
      Rolling Thunder Revue of 1975 and most of the performances are truly
      inspired. I would have loved to be able to see this tour. ]

      Maria McKee - Precious Time - You Gotta Sin To Get Saved

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Neko Case - Tightly - Blacklisted

      Ry Cooder - 634-5789 - Borderline
      [ The Wilson Pickett hit gets a more rocking treatment by Ry
      Cooder on this version. ]

      Robbie Fulks - Let's Kill Saturday Night - Let's Kill Saturday Night

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Roy Orbison - Domino - Songs The Cramps Taught Us - Vol. 2
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