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Town & Country, New Zealand. Monday 03 May

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  • Blue Smoke Music Company
    TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 kHz AM, Monday 03 May 9 pm start-time. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783 ____________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2004
      TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 kHz AM, Monday 03 May
      9 pm start-time. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783
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      Artist of the Week: GREY de LISLE, The Graceful Ghost [Sugar Hill]
      Album of the Week: THE GIBSON BROTHERS, Long Way Back Home [Sugar Hill]

      * @ 9.00 pm RITCHIE ROBERTS paddles in from The Twin Lakes Opry:

      MARGO, Ireland On My Mind [Ritz] IR
      JIM REEVES, The Wreck Of The Number Nine [BMG]
      WILLIE NELSON, All Of Me [Columbia]
      RANDY TRAVIS, 1982 [WB]
      DOLLY PARTON, To Daddy [Columbia]
      SLIM DUSTY, When The Rain Tumbles Down In July [EMI] OZ
      RITCHIE & BRIONY ROBERTS, Daddy Frank [unreleased] NZ
      CHARLEY PRIDE, Just Between You And Me [BMG]
      TRIO [Dolly, Linda, Emmylou], Farther Along [WB]

      * @ 9.45 pm MERV WALTERS surrenders up his WMD [Western Music discs]:

      COUNTRY DEAL, Otto Wood [Kiwi] NZ
      BULLAMAKANKA, Home Among The Gum Trees [Music World] OZ
      THE SHELTON BROTHERS, Aura Lee [History]
      REX DALLAS, Honeymoon Yodel [Music World] OZ
      NOLA HEWITT & THE TUMBLEWEEDS: Mother, Pal And Sweetheart [Viking] NZ
      NORMAN BLAKE & RICH O'BRIEN, Kentucky's Your Home [Shanachie]
      ERNEST TUBB, You Nearly Lose Your Mind [History]
      JamesRAy, Chasin' The Dream [jamesray.info] NZ
      ARLY KARLSEN, I'll Be Your Sugar Daddy [Showtime] NO
      CAROL McCOMB, Not Quite A Love Bite [carolmccomb.com]
      JOY ADAMS, Let's Try Love Tonight [Peak] NZ
      TOM SAUNDERS, Red-Eye Line [thelastspike.com]
      GEMMA DOYLE, Wasted Days And Wasted Nights [steerrecords.com] OZ

      * EDDIE O'STRANGE has Dedications & a kitbag full of New Releases:

      GREY de LISLE, Tell Me True [Sugar Hill]
      SAMMY SADLER, Hard On A Heart [CD-Tex]
      SAM BUSH, The Wizard Of Oz [Sugar Hill]
      JASON ALLEN, Your Heart Turned Left [CD-Tex]
      BILL DANOFF, Late Night Radio [billdanoff.com]
      CATIE CURTIS, Deliver Me [Vanguard]
      THE GIBSON BROTHERS, The Way I Feel [Sugar Hill]
      LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN, Lies [Pacific] CA
      THE GIBSON BROTHERS, Ophelia [Sugar Hill]
      TERRY KITCHEN, Bang Your Head Against The Sky [terrykitchen.com]
      THE WOLVERINES, That's The Price Of Love [wolverines.com.au] OZ
      GREY de LISLE, Sharecroppin' Man [Sugar Hill]
      PETE WERNICK's LIVE FIVE, Owensboro Hop [drbanjo.com]

      Our grateful thanks to all the artists, labels and studios who make their
      music available for us to broadcast nation-wide. New Zealand thanks you.
      Eddie <blue.smoke@...>

      Eddie O'Strange, Town & Country Radio Show's anchor host for 13.75 years
      Postal Address: 21 Redvers Drive, Belmont, Lower Hutt 6009, New Zealand
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