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Re: [fearnwhiskey] Clip: New Music From The Fall

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  • Michele K-tel
    After years gone by full of happy Fall listening, I had just about given up on Mark E. Smith & random Co. due to their dismal output of the last decade
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2004
      After years gone by full of happy Fall listening, I
      had just about given up on Mark E. Smith & random Co.
      due to their dismal output of the last decade
      (re-issues don't count). However, after reading a "no,
      really, this one is good, really" review in the
      English press, I was lucky enough to pick up "Country
      on the Click" in London last year.

      Believe the hype on the Real New CD! This new release,
      whatever name it is currently going by, is Falltastic
      and has renewed my faith in the Fall after all these

      (My only regret is that now I also have to buy the one
      on Narnack to pick up the extra tracks, sigh.)

      Already have my tix for the May tour, I just hope that
      immigration cooperates with letting Mark E. Smith into
      the country this time.

      ==michele k-tel

      --- Carl Zimring <cz28@...> wrote:
      > http://neumu.net/datastream/
      > New Music From The Fall
      > More than two decades after first introducing their
      > smart, cynical
      > post-punk sound to the world, and five years since
      > their last recording,
      > The Fall have a new album. The Real New Fall LP --
      > Formerly Known as
      > Country on the Click, which was released in the UK
      > earlier this year, will
      > be released in North America on Narnack on June 15.
      > This version of the
      > album will include several previously unreleased
      > tracks.
      > In support of the upcoming release, The Fall are
      > currently touring the U.S.
      > They played Detroit's Majestic Theatre on April 23
      > and Chicago's Double
      > Door on April 25, and now wind down through the
      > Southeast and Southwest,
      > making stops at Dallas, Texas' Tree's on April 30
      > and Tucson, Ariz.'s Plush
      > on May 5. For the first part of May, they'll head up
      > the West Coast,
      > stopping at San Jose, Calif.'s Blank Club on May 8
      > and Santa Ana, Calif.'s
      > Galaxy on May 11, wrapping it all up on May 16 at
      > San Diego's Casbah.
      > The track listing for the North American release,
      > which lead vocalist and
      > chief songwriter Mark E. Smith re-mastered, is as
      > follows: "Green Eyed
      > Locoman," "Mountain Energy," "Sparta," "Contraflow,"
      > "Last Commands,"
      > "Janet vs. Johnny," "Boxoctosis," an alternative
      > version of "The Past," the
      > previously unreleased "Mad Mock Goth," "Protein
      > Protection," "Mike's Love
      > Hexagon," "Houston," the all new "Portugal Tour" and
      > an alternative version
      > of "Recovery Kit 2."
      > While the mid-'80s found the band latching onto a
      > more melodic, accessible
      > sound, with The Real New Fall LP? the group returns
      > to the darker, quirkier
      > and more angular post-punk spewing they first became
      > known for when they
      > formed in 1976. Led by Smith's familiar Manchester
      > slur, the new album
      > feels at once old and new. Built around a raw,
      > infectious rhythm section,
      > burping, off-kilter keyboard and a gloomy vocal
      > style that borders
      > beat-poet delivery, the lo-fi record feels as if it
      > could've easily been
      > made in '77, yet manages to avoid feeling redundant.
      > And Smith's eccentric,
      > often humorous ranting remains relevant.
      > The Fall have endured innumerable personnel changes
      > over their 28 years and
      > 25 albums; the current lineup has Smith alongside
      > Ben Pritchard on lead
      > guitar, Jim Watts on bass and guitar, Elini Poulou
      > on keyboards and Dave
      > Milner on drums. -- Jenny Tatone [Monday, April 26,
      > 2004]

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