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RE: [fearnwhiskey] pitchfork headlines

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  • Jason E Baldwin
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2004
      < Dunno about the last two, but I have a hard time believing
      < GBV and Wu-Tang
      < Clan are going to be permanantly defunct. GBV especially --
      < is Pollard
      < going to stop making music altogether, or is he going to do one-man
      < recordings and shows? This smells like a David Bowie "retirement"...

      If Bob is to be believed -- and I have no reason not to -- the next album,
      tentatively titled HALF-SMILES OF THE DECOMPOSED (though I strongly prefer
      the rumored title that became EARTHQUAKE GLUE, LIVE LIKE KINGS FOREVER), to
      be release August 24 and followed by a four-month farewell tour, will be the
      last release under the name Guided By Voices. I'm a little sad, I guess,
      because some of my favorite concert memories were at GBV shows, but it's
      time to move on.

      That said, Bob will continue to put out solo albums and weird
      collaborations, and maybe -- *maybe* -- do some solo shows/tours, but it's
      the end of an era. 20 years is a long time to do anything.

      np: GBV, UTBUTS
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