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Town & Country, New Zealand. Monday 05 April

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  • Blue Smoke Music Company
    TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 kHz AM, Mon 05 April 9 pm start-time. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783 ____________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
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      TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 kHz AM, Mon 05 April
      9 pm start-time. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783
      Join our announcements/chatlist. Send a blank email

      Artist of the Week: JOHN & MICHELE LAWS [thelaws.ca]
      Album of the Week: STACEY EARLE & MARK STUART, Never Gonna Let You Go

      * @ 9.00 pm RITCHIE ROBERTS paddles in from The Twin Lakes Opry:

      TIM McGRAW, She'll Have You Back [Curb]
      MIKE AULDRIDGE, Are You Waiting Just For Me
      JOHNNY COOPER, One By One [unreleased] NZ
      DOC WATSON, Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
      HANK SNOW, The Rhumba Boogie [BMG]
      REWA McGREGOR & HINE RICKARD, Walking Piece Of Heaven [unreleased] NZ
      111rd TYME OUT, He'll Take You In [Rounder]
      RITCHIE ROBERTS, I Can't Help It [unreleased] NZ
      JOHN STARLING, Half A Man [Sugar Hill]

      * @ 9.45 pm MERV WALTERS surrenders up his WMD [Western Music discs]:

      BROWN'S FERRY FOUR, When We Sing Around The Throne Eternal [King]
      DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER, Gladness Peace And Love [Sugar Hill]
      RED FOLEY, Honey Be My Honey Bee [Cattle]
      ADIE GREY, Far Away Beyond These Mountains [heybabymusic.com]
      GEORGE JONES & GENE PITNEY, That's All It Took [Red-X]
      JESSE DAYTON, Doin' My TIme [Hairball8.com]
      JOHNNY CASH, Oh Lonesome Me [London]
      BRIAN GOWAN, Just A Little Bit [CD-Tex]
      LACY J DALTON, Little Boy Blue [Sweet Briar]
      SHELLEY POSEN, If He's Gone Let Him Go [shelleyposen.com]
      THE BROWNS, The Man In The Moon [Bear Family]
      REN LEHMAN, The Heart That You Break [Hillcrest]
      3 RING RODEO, I Don't Drink About You Anymore [3ringrodeo.com]
      TEX MORTON, Move Along Baldy [EMI] NZ

      * EDDIE O'STRANGE has Dedications & a kitbag full of New Releases:

      LEFTOVER SALMON, Woody Guthry [PoetMan]
      CLINT MILLER, It's A Grief [clintmiller.com]
      JEFF AUSTIN & CHRIS CASTINO, Back Of My Mind [PoetMan]
      WESLEY IALACY, She Wants To Kill Me [Misty Mountains]
      LISA BASTONI, If I Had My Way [lisabastoni.com]
      FLETCHER HARRINGTON, And It Strikes Me Like [lopie.com]
      STACEY EARLE & MARK STUART, If You Want My Love [gearlerecords.com]
      FRANK McCAFFREY, Blackboard Of My Heart [Ritz]
      THE SADDLEBAGS, Hold That Critter Down [saddlebagstheband.com]
      DANIEL O'DONNELL, A Country Boy Like Me [Ritz]
      JOHN & MICHELE LAW, Hobo Trail [thelaws.ca]
      CHRISTINA MUIR, Begin With The End [hotsouptrio.com]
      TERRY "BUFFALO" WARE, Buffaroo [Okiemotion]

      Our grateful thanks to all the artists, labels and studios who make their
      music available for us to broadcast nation-wide. New Zealand thanks you.
      Eddie <blue.smoke@...>

      Eddie O'Strange, Town & Country Radio Show's anchor host for 13.5 years.
      Postal Address: 21 Redvers Drive, Belmont, Lower Hutt 6009, New Zealand
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