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PLAYLIST: Viva Le Mock 2/27/04

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  • Mock the DJ
    WRCT 88.3 fm * Pittsburgh, PA * www.wrct.org Program: Viva le Mock Date: 02-27-2004; 9:00 p.m. The Mock: The Germs Artist -- Song (Author/Original Artist)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
      WRCT 88.3 fm * Pittsburgh, PA * www.wrct.org
      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 02-27-2004; 9:00 p.m.
      The Mock: The Germs

      Artist -- Song (Author/Original Artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Bad Manners -- Mambo #5 (Perez Prado)
      Kittens For Christian -- Under the Covers
      Poster Children -- -- Sugarfriend
      [I was asked if the Poster Children were the Anti-Superchunk. Reason being:
      As Superchunk gets older, their music gets slower and as the Poster
      Children get older, their music seems to get faster.]

      Skywave -- Wear This Dress
      The Church -- Lay Low
      Echo and the Bunnymen -- Bedbugs & Ballyhoo
      Timbuk 3 -- Just Wanna Funk with Your Mind

      Groovie Ghoulies -- The Lizard King
      Mr. T Experience -- She's Not a Flower
      Squirtgun -- Never Fit
      The Strokes -- Between Love & Hate
      The Oxymorons! -- Walking Behind You*
      [Caller made 2 requests, and for whatever reason, I decided NOT to play
      UFO's "Rock Bottom"]

      The Velvet Underground -- What Goes On
      Birdland -- Shoot You Down
      [A band that was 10 years too soon on the whole "snotty rock revival" wave]
      Tora! Tora! Torrance! -- Yr All On Our Dance Card
      Squatweiler -- Hot for Teacher (Van Halen)
      The Dils -- I Hate the Rich

      Murphy's Law -- Skinhead Girl
      Fishbone -- Ugly
      Beastie Boys -- Beastie Boys
      [The good ol' hardcore days of the Beasties. Any who saw the "Licensed to
      Ill" tour might recall the bill to feature Murphy's Law & Fishbone as the
      opening acts]
      Dropkick Murphys -- Skinhead on the MTBA (live)*

      The Replacements -- Seen Your Video
      Volcano Suns -- Jak*
      Gigolo Aunts -- Bloom
      Lemonheads -- I Don't Wanna*

      Operation Ivy -- Bankshot*
      The Breeders -- Doe
      The Breeders -- Happiness is a Warm Gun (Beatles)
      Imperial Teen -- Butch
      Pas/Cal -- The Handbag Memoirs

      Crayon -- All the Stars
      Redd Kross -- I'm Alright*
      The Hang Ups -- Black Licorice
      Steve Wynn -- Nothing But the Shell

      The New Alcindors -- Goat Fever
      [Played the Rex on 2/28]
      Laika and the Cosmonauts -- Liposuction
      Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham -- Hear the Wind Blow (Down Moonlight Mile)
      Galaxie 500 -- Tugboat
      Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra -- Some Velvet Morning
      Sun Kil Moon -- Carry Me Ohio
      The Silos -- Change the Locks (Lucinda Williams)

      R.E.M. -- 11th Untitled
      The Go-Betweens -- Streets of Your Town
      Orange Juice -- The Day I Went Down to Texas
      [Edwyn "A Girl Like You" Collins' band from the 80s]
      The Pale -- Reasons to Try

      Billy Bragg -- You Woke Up My Neighbourhood
      Pseudo Echo -- A Beat For You
      [I forgot that the original pressing of 1987's "Love an Adventure" did not
      contain their cover of "Funkytown". This song was also on their 1984 self
      titled debut]
      Mekons -- Teeth
      [In Pgh on 3/9]
      The Ukrainians -- Telstar (Joe Meek)

      THE MOCK: The Germs
      NOFX -- Forming (The Germs)
      O-Matic -- Strange Notes (The Germs)
      [O-Matic featured ex-Brainiac Michelle Bodine]
      The Melvins -- Lexicon Devil (The Germs)
      Wire -- Germ Ship
      Joan Jett and the Blackhearts -- Victim of Circumstance
      [Joan produced The Germs first LP, (GI)]
      Free Kitten -- Sex Boy (The Germs)
      [Free Kitten features: Kim (Sonic Youth), Julie (Pussy Galore), Mark
      (Pavement) & Yoshimi (Boredoms)]
      The Posies -- Richie Dagger's Crime (The Germs)
      Nirvana -- Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam (Vaselines)
      [Pat Smear of The Germs played on this track]
      Go-Go's -- Get Up and Go
      [Belinda Carlisle actually spent time as a Germs member]
      The Wrens -- Let's Pretend (The Germs)
      Brutal Truth -- Media Blitz (The Germs)
      [I never imagined Brutal Truth would ever make my playlist!]
      Pie -- My Germs Shirt
      Die Kreuzen -- Land of Treason (The Germs)

      The Breakup Society -- He Wants His World Back (Baby)
      [Played the Rex on 2/28]
      Rex Daisy -- Welcome Back (John Sebastian)
      Violent Femmes -- It's Gonna Rain
      Muskrats -- Newest Frankie & Johnnie (Bob Gibson/Shel Silverstein)
      The Deliberate Strangers -- Rockin' Chair Money (Hank Williams)
      Ranchero Brothers -- Sweet Thing Pine Bluff
      [Side project for Rhett & Murray of the Old 97s]
      Gore Gore Girls -- Hunt You Down
      [The Come Ons, featuring ex-Gore Gore Girl Deanne, played the Rex on 2/28]

      * requests

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