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Town & Country, New Zealand. Monday 01 March

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  • Blue Smoke Music Company
    TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 KHz AM, Mon 01 March 9 pm start-time. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783 ____________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004
      TOWN & COUNTRY RADIO SHOW, 783 KHz AM, Mon 01 March
      9 pm start-time. Dedications PhoneLine: 04-38 58 783
      Join our announcements/chat-list. Send a blank email
      to: nzcountry-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Artist of the Week: WENDELL FERGUSON [wendellferguson.com]

      Album of the Week: THE FLATLANDERS, Wheels Of Fortune [New West]

      * EDDIE O'STRANGE has Dedications and an arsenal of BRAND NEW Albums:

      COAL PALACE KINGS, I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive [KranePool]
      THE WINSTONS, Ridge Road Gravel [thewinstons.com]
      MURRAY BOAL & THE CULTIVATORS, River On The Rise [murrayboal.com]
      MARY SCHNEIDER, Cattle Call [Rajon]
      THE FLATLANDERS, Wheels Of Fortune [New West]
      COUNTRY MILE: Cancun, Mexico [country-mile.com]
      DUANE MICHAELS, Satisfy Me And I'll Satisfy You [duanemichaels.com]
      WENDELL FERGUSON, I'll Get Over Bluegrass [wendellferguson.com]
      BARRY RAYBURN, That Old Martin Guitar [Echota]
      SANDY CASH, This Love Is Only For You [sandycash.com]
      THE BACKSTABBERS, My Baby's Gone [thebackstabbers.org]
      HOT SOUP, When The Cows Come Home [hotsouptrio.com]
      ATWATER.DONNELLY, Sweet Fern [Rabbit Island]
      THE FLATLANDERS, Eggs Of Your Chickens [New West]
      DAVIS & DEVITT, You're Not The Boss Of Me [cdbaby.com]
      WENDELL FERGUSON, Firmly On The Fence [wendellferguson.com]
      THE LAWS, Let's Hit The Road [thelaws.ca]
      NORMAN SCHELL & YOUTH WELL SPENT, Big Dumb Country Boy [cdfreedom.com]
      BILL TURNER & BLUE SMOKE, Bayou Baby [Mansion]
      RICHARD GILPIN, Secret Love [richardgilpin.com]
      JESSICA BLAKE, Granite Stone [Puffa Fish]

      * @ 9.45 pm MERV WALTERS surrenders his WMD at the security gates:

      JACK RIGGIR, Missing In Action [Rajon] NZ
      TEX MORTON & PAT FRALEY, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane [EMI] NZ
      THE OVERLANDERS, Blue Shadows On The Trail [self] NZ
      REX & NOELENE FRANKLIN, Red River Valley BLues [Bear Family] NZ
      RUSTY GREAVES, No Money In This Deal [Rajon] NZ
      GINNY PETERS, Any Old Time [Rajon] NZ
      MURRAY McPHERSON, Wreck Of The Old '97 [self] NZ
      ROGER SKINNER, One More Time [Music World] NZ
      ROSIE PARSONS, Southern Man [self] NZ
      ALLEN WAYNE DAMRON, Sarie Peaks [fmp.com/damron]
      FOXTAIL, Mama Does [foxtail.ca]
      JENNIFER ROSE, Why Cry [Comstock]
      HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER & ANNIE B, Keep Your Promise Willie Thomas [Desert Kid]
      JOSH LOGAN, Drinkin' Overtime [joshlogancountry.com]

      Our grateful thanks to all the artists, labels and studios who make their
      music available for us to broadcast nation-wide. New Zealand thanks you.
      Eddie <blue.smoke@...>

      Eddie O'Strange, Town & Country Radio Show's anchor host for 13.5 years.
      Postal Address: 21 Redvers Drive, Belmont, Lower Hutt 6009, New Zealand
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