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Re: PLAYLISTS (2): "Viva Le Mock" 1/16/04 & 1/30/04

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  • Mock the DJ
    ... It s on their latest, Dangerous Magical Noise . According to allmusic.com, the first 1000 copies come with the bonus tracks, Executioner of Love
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004
      >From: Carl Zimring <cz28@...>

      >Paul posted a couple of playlists that included:
      > > The Dirtbombs -- Executioner of Love (R. Hitchcock)
      >Wow! Is this on an album? That's one of my favorite Hitchcock songs, and
      >I bet it sounds good rocked up.

      It's on their latest, "Dangerous Magical Noise".
      According to allmusic.com, "the first 1000 copies come with the bonus
      tracks, 'Executioner of Love' (Hitchcock) and 'King's Lead Hat' (Eno)."

      > > Pere Ubu -- Non-Alignment Pact
      > > [Ken Hamann d. 1/10/03. Ken owned the Suma Recording Studio outside
      > > Cleveland, and recorded this track]
      >Nicely done paying him tribute, and very nice show overall.

      Thank you.


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